October 6, 2013

Rating My Books

Currently, nine books show on my Shelfari shelf, so I thought it would be interesting to rank them most enjoyable to least.  Although I have to say that I did like all of these books at some level, as I have reached the point where, if I don't like a book, I just stop reading and it doesn't go on the shelf.  

In my opinion, 

#1 My Husband's Secret - oh, it had so many twists and an ending that will make you really think.  Loved this one!

#2 Me Before You - such a touching story about love and loss.  Yes, I cried.

#3 W is for Wasted - can't go wrong with Sue Grafton.  

#4 And the Mountains Echoed - I didn't enjoy this quite as much as his other two books, but it was still a good read.  More characters than a Russian novel and some complicated relationships to keep straight.

The next four were very close in rankings and I like reading these authors:

9th Girl -  - yes, I stayed up late to finish.

Suspect - love Robert Crais

Death Angel - interesting view of all the hideaways in Central Park, with a killer whom you might not suspect.

Shadow Tracer - a good read, but not memorable

#10 Ben Franklin's Bastard - I did grow tired of his wife, the mistress and the drama surrounding the poor child.  No wonder the child supported the King of England rather than the revolutionaries.  Tedious at times.

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