August 12, 2012

Book Review - The Deposit Slip by Todd M. Johnson

The Deposit Slip
by Todd M. Johnson

When Erin Larsen finds an Ashley Bank deposit slip at the bottom of her deceased father, Paul's, safety deposit box, it sets her world in motion.  Where did this money - over $10 million dollars - come from and where was it now?  Strangely, she could get no answers from the bank, and the first lawyer she hired to help her mysteriously withdrew from the case.

Enter Jared Neaton, a lawyer who grew up in Ashley, and a man looking for a big case that could save him from financial ruin and build his reputation.  It soon becomes obvious that very few in town really want to get involved with helping him, and the case takes on a special challenge for him.  Threats, secrets, suspicions... the case builds to a crescendo and soon it's life or death. 

It's hard to believe that this is Johnson's first novel.  He slowly reveals to the reader the facts surrounding the deposit slip, unraveling it at just the right pace to keep me reading late into the night.  We are privy to Jared's thoughts as he struggles against the opposition, a powerful law firm with a lot to hide.  We have insight into his relationship with his father and how it connects to this case.  His secondary characters are such good support, especially Jessie, his assistant, and Mrs. Huddleston, the librarian. 

This book was a pleasure to read and review and I can easily recommend to all who love a good novel with suspense aplenty.

*This book was provided to me by Bethany House Publishers for my review.  The opinions expressed are solely my own.