December 8, 2013

Caleb Case, Great-Great Grandfather

Caleb Case, my husband's great-great grandfather was born about May 20, 1803 and, as he reported in the census, the birthplace was New York.  The birthdate was calculated from his tombstone found in White City Cemetery, Spencerville, IN.  Caleb died January 23, 1854 at the age of 50 years, 8 months and 3 days.  (The number 5 might, at first, look like a 6 on the stone.)

Caleb and Sophia Camp were probably married prior to 1831 in New York, but the early date has made finding a record of that marriage challenging.

I believe this Caleb Case appeared in the 1840 census of Hastings,Oswego County, New York, page 304.  He appeared as head of household and in the family were listed three males under 5 years old (Dexter, Emillus and Mahlon), two males ages 5-9 (Maynard and Isum) and one male aged 30-40 (Caleb).
In addition, one female is listed aged 5-9 (Lydia) and one female aged 30-40 (Sophia), so the ages of this particular Caleb Case entry seem to match the ages of the parents and children.  In addition, one female aged 20-30 was listed, but since she is unnamed , it is uncertain if she was a servant or relative living with the family. However, since I believe he and Sophia were from Oneida County, this may not be a correct census match.

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According to testimony taken when son, Maynard's, estate was being settled, William Dils swore that he had known Maynard since the family came to Dekalb County, Indiana around 1845.  So the family was in Indiana when the enumerator for the 1850 census dropped in at their Concord Township home on August 10, 1850.  Caleb was then 47 years old and a farmer with real estate valued at $1200, a goodly sum for the times.  Sophia was 42 and the children named were Lydia, 19; Maynard, 18, a farmer; Isum, 16, a farmer; Dexter, 14; Emillus, 12; Mahlon, 10; Harriet,7, all attending school; and little Mary (great-grandmother), age 1 and the only one born in Indiana.  All the rest were born in New York.

That same year, an agricultural census was taken in Indian, with reporting based on what the farmer had with the year ending June 1, 1850.  Caleb Case reported that he had 30 acres improved and 140 acres unimproved with the cash value of the farm at $1200 ($7.06/acre).  He valued his farming implements at $55.  He owned four horses, 4 milch cows, 2 working oxen, 4 other cattle, 8 sheep, 17 swine, with a combined value of $185.00.  Caleb also had 160 bushels of wheat, 200 bushels of Indian corn, 27 pounds of wool, 1 bushel of peas/beans, 25 bushels of Irish potatoes, 150 pounds of butter, 200 pounds of maple syrup, 15 gallons of molasses, 50 pounds of beeswax/ honey and he had slaughtered for food $70 worth of animals.  With his sons helping him, Caleb and Sophia's farm seemed to be quite productive and profitable.

Unfortunately, Caleb died at the young age of 50 years, leaving Sophia with an active farming operation and nine children at home.  Several sons were old enough to take over the farm and continue working it.  Mahlon, Harriet, Mary and the youngest, Martha, age 3, were the still in school or still at home.  Probably Mary and Martha would not remember their father.

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