September 2, 2016

Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island - Part Two

Part Two-

From Halifax, we traveled on to two stops I really looked forward to on the trip.
The first was Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia - one of the most scenic and well-known, little fishing villages.  
Yes, the water was this blue.
The ocean breezes were cool, but the sun was bright as if it wanted to show off all the charms that Peggy's had to offer.  

Although some of the homes have shops in them or have been turned into shops, the main industry is still fishing and lobstering.  The village is basically on rock, so one doesn't see a tree or much of a yard.

I saw one of these in Halifax and here was another in Peggy's Cove, and a few of our hotels had pay phones in the lobby.
I haven't seen one in the U.S. for a very long time.  

 As some of you know, our Spoering ancestors came from the Lunenburg area in Germany, so I was especially excited to see this Nova Scotian village named Lunenburg, founded by the Germans and Swiss.  
They came as farmers, but became seamen as farming was not an option in this terrain.
So many lost their lives at sea that eventually a law was made that a father and all his sons could not be together on a ship so that if one went down, a man would be left to provide for the family.

The cheerful, colorful, historic homes are beautiful and reflect some of the traditions of the people.

 When our guide asked us why one window in this home was bigger than all the others, none of us knew.  She told us it was where the coffin would come in and out because tradition held that it would bring bad luck to take a coffin in and out through the door.

We crossed the Bay of Fundy, known for its especially high tides, from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick.  The ferry ride across is about three hours, with plenty of time for seal and whale watching.  
Of course, we saw many more sites and learned more about the Acadians and the Mik'macq First Nations who still populate the area.  But, to end, let me give you a sample of the cuisine...ahhhhhh...

(This post originally appeared on my other, now deleted, blog on August 30, 2014.)

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