March 26, 2020

A Bit About Frieda's Husbands - Charles Fouts and Theodore Lange

Frieda Spoering probably had a bit more convoluted life than some of her siblings.  But to explain that, one must discuss each of her spouses and their histories.

Charles Fouts, her first husband, was born in Wood County in the same year as Frieda, on December 2, 1892.  He and Frieda married in 1917, and soon after, he reported to duty in World War I where he served from 1918 -1919 overseas.  When he came back, the couple had two children - Eldor Adolph George who died who died at about 10 months old of bronchial pneumonia in 1922, and Marie Clara, born in 1924.
Sometime between 1924 and 1928, he and Frieda were divorced.

He moved on to marry Eulah Katherine Market on December 30, 1928.  Katherine was about 12 years younger than Charles, her birthday being in 1904.
I would question the honesty of his age on this form.

 In the 1930 census of Dover Township, Fulton County, Charles J., 32, stated that he was a garage mechanic. Catherine, his wife, 25, noted she was a farmer.

Eulah Catherine (or Katherine) died on July 31, 1931, in Wauseon, Fulton County, Ohio, although she was buried in St. Augustine Cemetery in Napoleon.  Her cause of death is unknown at this time.

But Charles found another love and married her on November 14, 1932.  Alice M. Rittichier was 23 on her wedding day, the daughter of Michael and Lottie. Charles said he was a race driver on his marriage license and he seemed to skip the question about previous marriages. She had a small child, Mary, before the time of their marriage who was adopted by the Hotz family.
She and Charles had their first child on January 7, 1933, Martha Marie.  Catherine Joan followed on April 30, 1934.
However, on July 27, 1934, a terrible accident happened at the home ofAlice's uncle.  According to the death certificate, Alice "possibly fainted and fell backward, striking her neck on a cabinet, injuring the spinal cord. Alice died the next day, and was buried at St. Casper Catholic Cemetery in Wauseon, Ohio.

The infant, Catherine, was adopted out to her aunt Martha Leggett, Alice's sister, and the child, Martha, went to live with her another aunt, Josephine.  Martha was there in the 1940 census as a seven year old, with her aunt, Josephine, 40, single and proprietor of a restaurant; her grandmother, Lottie, 63, a widow; and another aunt, Martha, 31, single, a waitress.  

Charles married one more time to Charlotte, whose identity has not been discovered yet.  Charles Fouts died in Florida in the same year as Frieda, 1961.
His obituary from the Toledo Blade, September 16, 1961:


Charles J. Fouts, 62, of Moon Lake Estates, Fla., a former Toledo resident an veteran of three wars, died Sunday at MacDill Air Force Base Hospital, Fla.

Mr. Fouts, who retired two years ago as an air force master sergeant, was born in Tontogany and lived in Toledo several years.  He moved to Florida two years ago following his retirement.

Mr. Fouts was in the army air corps and air force 33 years. He served in France in World War I,participated in the Normandy landings in France in World War II, and was stationed in Japan in the Korean conflict.

He was a member of Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, New Port Richey, Fla. and Msgr. O'Connell Council, Knights of Columbus, Toledo

Surviving are his wife, Charlotte; daughters, Marie, Joanne and Martha, and son, Albert, all of Toledo; sisters, Mrs. Grace White, Bluffton; Mrs. Frances Leupp, Waldron, Mich.,; Mrs. Mabel Spencer, Mrs. Ruth Schelle and Mrs. Clara Kiel, Lima, and brothers, Floyd, Fostoria; Lewis, Findlay; Clarence, Hartford, Mich.; Donald, New Riegel, O., and Benjamin, Bowling Green.

Services will be Monday at 9 a.m. in St. Adalbert's Church with burial in Calvary Cemetery.  The Rosary will be recited in the Gastiorowaki Memorial Sunday at 8 p.m."


 Theodore (Ted) Lange was Frieda's second husband.  Born on October 15, 1894, he was several years younger than Frieda.  He was first married to Anna Dachenhaus, daughter of Christ and Sophia.

On March 9, 1920, they were blessed with a son, Donald F. Lange.  On October 13, 1922, Anna passed away.  

Before that, Anna's sister, Luella, had married Edmund Bostelman on January 20, 1918.  They had one son, Raymond, in 1920, who lived less than a year.
And then Edmund contracted tuberculosis and he died on March 27, 1921.
In a brief twitch of time, Luella lost both husband and baby.

On July 3, 1925, the two lonely widowers found each other and married.  Luella and Ted Lange joined their households.

 But the marriage was short-lived.  Luella died on July 27, 1928.  So, in the 1930 census, Ted lived alone, while his son, Donald F. Lange, was raised by his Dachenhaus grandparents.  Finally, in 1940, or perhaps before, he lived with his father.

Lots of marriages, lots of tragedies and young deaths and children - an interesting research trip.

Frieda Marie Dorothea Spoering

Frieda Spoering was the sister closest to my grandmother, Ida, in age.  She was just two years younger than Ida.  Born March 18, 1892, Frieda was the eighth child for Herman Heinrich and Katherine (Floke) Spoering.

Frieda was married to Charles J. Fouts, also born in 1892, on February 21, 1917.  He was the son of Sylvester Andrew and Clara May (Freed) Fouts. On May 5th of that year, their first child, Albert Henry Friedrich Fouts, called Bert, was

Charles participated in the World War I draft and enlisted himself into the 281st Aero Squadron, Columbus Barracks Detachment.  He sailed on August 14, 1918, from Hoboken, NJ on the ship, Matsonia.   Charles returned on the USS American from Brest, France on March 4, 1919.  He was honorably discharged on April 3, 1919.

Upon Charles' return, son Albert was followed by two more siblings. Eldor Adolph George Fouts, was born March 2, 1921, and died January 23, 1922, of bronchial pneumonia.  He was buried in the St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery, Deshler.
Their last child was Marie Clara Fouts, born March 4, 1924.  

A first marriage for both Charles and Frieda
 Unfortunately, Charles Fouts moved on and married again on December 30, 1928, to Eulah Katherine Market. Obviously, a divorce from Frieda took place. 

So, what happened to Freida after Charles left her and remarried? A thorough search of the 1930 Henry County, Ohio census page by page did not find her anywhere, although I can't imagine that she would have traveled too far from Henry County.  Her father and mother were deceased by this time.  She would have had Albert, about 13, and Marie, about 6, with her.

Younger sister, Amelia on the left, and Frieda on the right

But, in 1930, a widowed man lived in Napoleon alone and he would soon meet Frieda.  Theodore (Ted) Lange, the son of Friedrich and Sophia (Warncke) Lange had already been married twice - first, to Anna Dachenhaus in 1919 and then to her sister, Luella Dachenhaus Bostleman in 1925.  Anna died in 1922 and Luella in 1928.  He rented a farm and was a World War I veteran. 

The meeting and courting were lost to history, but Frieda and Ted married on May 9, 1931, and soon began their own family.  In his first marriage, Ted and Anna (Dachenhaus) Lange had had a son, Donald, who lived with Anna's parents in 1930. Christ and Sophie Dachenhaus and their sons, George and Herman, took care of Donald after his mother's death.  

By the 1940 census, Donald, 20, lived with his father, Theodore H., 45, and stepmother, Frieda, 48.  He was joined by half-siblings, Mildred Lange, 7, and Anna M. Lange, 5.  His older step-siblings, Albert and Marie Fouts had already left the home.  Albert married Esther Miller on November 19, 1938. Marie C. Fouts was working that year as a maid for Scott and Minnie Hoyt, owners of a hardware store..  Marie, 16, was in her first year of high school and was allowed to attend.  She later married Victor Bockelman on April 27, 1941.

Ted had to fill out his World War II Draft Registration, even though he was 47 years old at the time.  On April 26, 1942, in Henry County, Ted noted that he was self-employed and lived at Route 2, Napoleon. His self-description read that he was 5'11", 160 pounds, with brown hair and eyes and a light complexion.  Mrs. Freida Lange was his contact person.

A death certificate confirmed that Theodore Herman Lange, born October 15, 1894, died on August 6, 1948 in Traverse City, Michigan.  His reason for being there is unknown.  He was 53 years old and married.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Defiance County, Ohio

Frieda lived on until January 22, 1961, and she was also buried in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery.

*The Mrs. Albert Elling here would have been
Kate Spoering.

Frieda Spoering Fouts Lange

March 23, 2020

Ida Anna Katherine Spoering - "Grandma Elling"

Ida Anna Katherine Spoering Elling
Ida Anna Katharine Spoering was born on February 5, 1890 in Monroe Township, Henry County, Ohio, to Herman Heinrich and Katherine (Floke) Spoering.    She married Albert Louis Johann Elling at the Spoering home near Deshler on March 13, 1913.  English was her second language, and it was told by the family that she learned English by reading the Toledo Blade. She spoke Low German (Plattdeutsch), but she helped her children learn formal German so they could do well in German school.

Albert and Ida Elling on their wedding day

 By June of 1914, the first of her nine children was born - Paul Herman.  Of the nine children, two died as infants.  Arthur, who was born in October, 1916, died of pneumonia when he was eight months old.  Later, the ninth child, a daughter, would be stillborn in September, 1932. She was a housewife all her life, caring for her big family, even as they moved from place to place in Henry County.

Her love for her children was shown in a letter I have from her that was saved by my parents, Rudolph and Donna Elling, and received when they lived in Toledo, Ohio.  The letter is postmarked Napoleon, May 21, 1945, and from the content, it must have been sent right before Eleonore's high school graduation and Alfred's release from the Army following World War II.  

I have transcribed it as written -
"Dear children
It is 12 oclock Sunday night and Alma and Allyn just left.  we had a little party here tonight but they didn't come all.  we thought about it Saterday morning and so it was to late to let you know so we just let the sponsors know, but non of them came, only Loudons, Ted Lange, Alma Allyn were here.  Paul Hildagard were up to her folks  they have baptising over there.  Arthur Bolkman Baby was Baptised this afternon and Hildagard was one of the sponsors.  it was sure nice here tonight in the chool house.  I wish you could benn here.  hope that you can come wednesday night for granation.  it starts 8:15 slow time.

what was you dooing today  did you see Alfred  they went back in the Brisa(?) again at 4.10  Alfred feels pretty sure that he gets out now.  Fryday or else nex week some time.  boy are we glad and i bet you arn't you

Eldor and Maria Loudon Plassman came home today for a week or so.

well doun't work to hard and hope to see you soon.  I am tiyed and ready to go to sleep and so write when ever you can and will close now.

your dearest Mother

Come whenever you can

Eleonora sure would like to have you come for her grnation.  try your best.  good night." 

Ida died on August 31, 1951, at the age of 60 from stomach cancer. She had raised all her children to adulthood when she was called to rest.

Ida was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Napoleon. 

Grandma Elling

March 20, 2020

Friedrich G. Spoering

Born on November 6, 1887, Friedrich G. Spoering was the second son of Herman Heinrich and Katherine (Floke) Spoering.  Fred stayed home and helped his father farm until he was thirty-two years old, when he married Anna Imbrock Hoops, a widow with two young daughters.

Anna, born October 15, 1887, was the daughter of Heinrich Friedrich Conrad Imbrock and Sophia Louise Henrietta Hoffmeister.  She married Wilhelm F. Hoops in Henry County when she was 22 on the day after Christmas, 1909.

The cause of Wilhelm's death is not known, but on August 18, 1916, Anna became a widow.  When he died, Anna was pregnant with a third child, born December 27, 1916.  Named, Wilhelmine Louise after her two grandmothers, this child died at 5 months old, of bronchitis, on May 30, 1917.

Fred Spoering married the widowed Anna Hoops on December 11, 1919 after he returned from his service in World War I.  Fred filled out his draft form when he was 29 where he noted that he had poor eyesight.  He enlisted on July 23, 1918 into Truck Company, 5th Corp Artillery Park, Pvt. 1st class. He embarked with his unit on September 23, 1918 from Hoboken, NY on the ship Ascenius, destination not recorded.  He served in the American Expeditionary Forces until he was honorably discharged on April 26, 1919.

 Fred and Anna rented a home in Bartlow Township where Fred worked as a Laborer, according to the 1920 census.   Alma, 8, and Helen, 7, were with them at that time.
 Alma Marie Hoops, born on February 14, 1910, had epilepsy and was placed in the Luther Home of Mercy in Williston, Ohio in 1923, after Anna's marriage to Fred Spoering.  Alma died in 1945 at the age of 35 years, 10 months.  Helen/ Helene was born in 1912 and lived on until 2011.

By 1930, the couple had added two more children to the family - Richard F., 8, and Martha, 6, as well as Alma Hoops, 19 (perhaps home at that time) and Helen Hoops, 17.  Fred owned a home and farmed.

By 1940, only Martha, 16, was left at home with Fred and Anna, both 52.  In 1941, Martha married Raymond Sunderman and Helen had already married Lawrence Drewes. Richard Frederick Spoering, (couldn't be found in 1940 census) enlisted in the Army on August 22, 1942.  On his draft registration, he listed his residence as Albion, Noble County, Indiana where he worked as at the Albion Production Credit Association. Richard did not marry until April 15, 1981, to Iva Lola (Bremer) Baumberger when he was sixty.

Fred Spoering died on December 14, 1954.  His obituary appeared in The Republican-Courier, Findlay, Ohio on December 27, 1954.

Henry County Native Succumbed Friday.

Deshler - Dec. 26 - Services were held at 2 p.m. Sunday for Fred Spoering, 62, retired farmer who resided northwest of Deshler.  The Reverend Otto Ehlen officiated at services at St. John's Lutheran Church.  Burial was in the church cemetery.  The Felter Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

Mr. Spoering died at 1:30 a.m. at his residence after an illness of two years.  He had lived his entire life in Henry County.  He was born November 6, 1887, in Marion Township, Henry County, to Henry and Marie Spoering.  He married Anna Imbrock Dec. 11, 1919, and she survives.

Also surviving are a son, Richard, Altoona, Pa.; a daughter, *Mrs. Martha Sunderman, Deshler; a step-daughter, Mrs. Martha Drewes; brother, George, Napoleon; sisters - Mrs. Mary Baden, Malinta; Mrs. Sophia Marksch, Deshler; Mrs. Anna Helmke, Mrs. Lydia Loudon and Mrs. Frieda Lang, all of Napoleon; Mrs. Kate Tietje, Hamler, and Mrs. Ida Schlagel, Traverse City, Mich., six grandchildren and one great-grandchild."

 *error - Mrs. Helen Drewes, step-daughter

Anna Imbrock
Anna Imbrock Hoops Spoering

 From Obituaries from The Deshler Flag newspaper, Deshler, Ohio, Vol. IV -


Anna Spoering, 96, of rural Deshler, died at Oak Grove Manor Nursing Home, Deshler.
Born October 15 1887, she was the daughter of Conrad and Louise (Hoffmeister) Imbrock.  She married William Hoops on December 26, 1909, and he preceded her in death in 1916.  
She married Fred Spoering on December 11, 1919.  He died in 1954.

A homemaker, Mrs. Spoering was a member of St. John Lutheran Church, Deshler, and the Dorcas Circle of American Lutheran Church Women.

Surviving are a son Richard, of Deshler; two daughters, Mrs. Lawrence (Helen) Drewes and Mrs. Raymond (Martha) Sunderman, both of Deshler; a brother, Henry, of Liberty Center; six grandchildren, one step-grandchild 15 great-grandchildren, two step-great grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren.

Services were held at the church.  The Reverend Andrew Ballas officiated and interment was in the church cemetery.  The family suggests memorials be made to Williston Home of Mercy or the St. John Lutheran Church Building Fund."

St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery, Deshler

March 17, 2020

Katharina Anna Spoering

Katharina Anna Spoering was born near Hamler, Ohio, on December 17, 1885, the fourth daughter of Herman Heinrich and Katharine (Floke) Spoering.  She was the second child born after their immigration to the United States in 1882.  Kate was baptized at Hope Lutheran Church on January 10, 1886, and confirmed there in March, 1899.  Her connection with this church would last a lifetime to her funeral and burial.

In 1911, she married William Tietje, known locally as "Dutch Bill."  Bill came to America to avoid the draft in Germany, it was said in the family, arriving here in 1909.  In the 1910 census, he was boarding with the Frank Nickols family of Richfield Township in Henry County.  He was 26 years old and employed at farming.  The young couple married at Hope Lutheran Church near Hamler and for twenty-five years engaged in farming near Holgate.

Bill and Kate had no biological children, but by the 1920 census, they had taken in a seven year old boy named William (Wilhelm) Meyer.  He was listed as a boarder in the census, naturalized in 1913, which is probably when his parents immigrated.  There were several Meyer families living near the Tietjes, but the reason for his staying with them is lost to history.  They raised "Willie" as their own son and by the 1930 census in Pleasant Township, the boy was listed with them as William J. Tietje, adopted son, 17 years old.  As the family story goes, Willie enrolled at the International Business College in Fort Wayne and there suffered an attack of appendicitis.  He returned home to convalesce and, apparently, there were tensions in the family over something.  When he recovered, Willie left the home and never contacted Bill or Kate again.

Dutch Bill died on January 16, 1954 at the age of 70 and was buried in the cemetery at Hope Lutheran Church. On June 18, 1955, Kate married her brother-in-law, Albert Elling, also a widower since August, 1951, when his first wife and Kate's sister, Ida, passed away.  At the time of their marriage, Kate was 70 years old and Albert was 67.  They lived in Hamler for several years and then moved to a house on Park Street in Napoleon.  For the last few years of her life, Kate was virtually housebound and she died in December, 1968, at the age of 82.

Aunt Kate and Albert Elling

As a child, I have to admit that I was a bit intimidated by Aunt Kate.  She seemed stern to me as her thick German accent was sometimes difficult to understand.  But she was generous with the grandchildren and, I'm sure, a good companion to my grandfather.  I remember that she thought "chillens" should be quiet when visiting!  And I'll never forget the time she served me a juice glass of cold beer with my lunch when I was young and visiting with my dad.  I gave him a side look to get his approval and he nodded! 

Her funeral sermon (thankfully saved by Aunt Alma) noted that "the departed sister...(was) especially pleasant, devoted and dedicated worker for her Lord at Hope Church, at home and in the Ladies' organization at the church."  At the time of her death, she had 32 step-grandchildren (of which I was one) and 5 step-great-grandchildren.

The last photo with Albert Elling was taken on their wedding day, I believe, at their home in Hamler.  I vaguely remember being there on that day.  I wonder if that is a photo of Willie hanging on the wall behind them?

The only place that I have seen the Katherene spelling

NAPOLEON - Mrs. Katherine Tietje Elling 82 713 Park St., died at 10 p.m. Wednesday in Northcrest Nursing Home, following a long illness.
She was born Dec. 17, 1885 in Henry County, a daughter of Henry and Mary (Floke) Spoering, and married William Tietje in 1911.  They farmed near Holgate for 25 years,then retired and moved to Hamler.  Tietje died Jan. 16, 1954 and June 18, 1955, she married Albert Elling.  They lived in Hamler two years, moving to Napoleon in 1957. 
*Surviving are her husband, Albert; two stepsons, Aldred (Alfred) and Rudolph Elling, Liberty Center; four stepdaughters, Mrs. Allyn (Alma) Hicksted and Mrs. Norman (Louise) Hausch, Wauseon; Mrs. Rolland (Eleonore) Glanz, Toledo; 32 step-grandchildren and five step-great-grandchildren, and a sister, Mrs. Emelia Slagle, Traverse City, Michigan.
Services will be at 2:30 p.m. Saturday in Hope Lutheran Church, near Hamler, the Rev. A.J. Boomgarden officiating.  Burial will be in the church cemetery.  Friends may call in Wesche Funeral Home, Napoleon, from 7-9 tonight, 2-4 and 7-9 Friday." 
* Mistakes in this listing of stepdaughters - Mrs. Norman (Louise) Miller of Napoleon and Mrs. Edward (Lorna) Hausch of Wauseon

Originally posted in December, 2008 and revised on March 23, 2020

March 13, 2020

More on Henry Spoering's Family

The obituary for Henry's second wife has been elusive, perhaps because she remarried again.  A question.

But the obituary for his first wife, Mary Bischoff Spoering Thomas appeared in the Findlay Republican-Courier on March 18, 1953.

Rites Tomorrow For Mrs. Mary Thomas

Mrs. Mary Thomas, 62, of Clinton court, died at 4:15
o'clock yesterday afternoon in Blanchard Valley Hospital.
She had been failing for two years and seriously ill two weeks.

She was born March 16, 1891 in Henry county, a daughter of William and Christina (Spangler) Bischoff.  She was divorced.

There are three daughters, Mrs. Augusta Hahn, of Hamler; Mrs. Esther Baer of Deshler, and Mrs. Gertrude Sandman, Bowling Green. One son is decease.
Also surviving are three grandchildren and the following brothers and sisters: Ernest Bischoff and Fred Bischoff, of Hamler; Otto Bischoff of Findlay and Mrs. Freda Smith, of Toledo.  A brother and sister preceded her in death.

Services will be held at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon in the Coldran funeral home, Dr. Bradley officiating.  Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery, Deshler. The body will remain in the funeral home."

Augusta's obituary has not been found yet; she died in 2005.  A photo of Emil and Augusta Spoering Hahn for the celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary was discovered in the Defiance Crescent-News of September 28, 1978.

Defiance Crescent-News March 25, 1986

In the Defiance Crescent-News of December 29, 1982, Esther's obit was found. 

DESHLER -Esther C Baer, 72, 307 Stearns Ave., died Saturday evening in Blanchard Valley Hospital, Findlay. She had been seriously ill for the past six weeks.

She was born November 27, 1914, in Henry County, the daughter of Henry and Mary (Bischoff Spoering.  In 1933, she married Roy Baer, who died in 1976.  She was a member of St.Paul United Methodist Church, Deshler.

Surviving are a son, Larry Baer, of Deshler; two grandchildren; and a sister, Augusta Hahn, Hamler.

Services will be at 1 p..m. Wednesday in Dubbs-Rodenberger Funeral Home, Deshler, with Rev. Delmar Young officiating. Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery. Visitation will be after 7 p.m. today, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday and from 9 a.m. until services Wednesday.  Memorials may be made to a charity of the donor's choice." 

From the Findlay Republican Courier, August 12, 1971 -

Milton Center - Services for Mrs. Gertrude Sandman, 53 of Milton Center, a housewife, who died Tuesday in Wood County Hospital will be 1:30 p.m. Friday in Loomis Funeral Home, Weston, the Rev. Ralph Clink officiating.

Burial will be in Milton Township Cemetery.  Visitation is this afternoon and evening

Mrs. Sandman was born Oct. 7, 1917, in Westhope to Henry and Mary (Bischoff) Spoering.  She married Paul Sandman on Feb. 5, 1943, and he survives.
Also surviving are sisters, Mrs. Augusta Hahn, Hamler, and Mrs. Esther Baer, Deshler." 

March 12, 2020

Heinrich Friedrich Spoering - The Oldest Brother

Grandmother Ida Spoering Elling's oldest brother, Henry -

On November 10, 1883, Heinrich Friedrich was born to Hermann Heinrich and Katharina (Floke) Spoering.  Called Henry, this was the first son in the family.  In 1900, he was 16 and at home with his parents, helping his father farm.

He married Marie/ Mary Bischoff on December 27, 1908.  He was 25 and she was just 17, requiring her father's consent for the marriage.  Her father, William Bischoff, did so consent, as seen below.

 Henry rented a farm in Richfield Township, and that's where the census enumerator found the little family in 1910.  Mary, 19, had one child, Augusta, born March 19, 1910.

By 1920, the family had grown to four children.  Henry, a carpenter, was still renting a farm and Mary, 28, was doing laundry for wages.  Augusta was 10; Martin 8; Esther, 6; and little Gertrude was 2 years and four months.  One could only imagine that times were lean.  

In the 1930 census, Henry's wife, Mary Bischoff Spoering disappeared.  No death record could be found for her, and Henry had a new wife listed on the census. After much research, a marriage record was found for Mary Spoering, daughter of William and Christina (Spangler)Bischoff. On December 6, 1926, she remarried to Minor Oscar Thomas, also a resident of Richfield Township.  Minor was 40 and Mary, 35, at the time and both had previously been wed.  So, the conclusion must be that Henry and Mary were divorced between 1920 and 1926, and the children were left with their father, a rare occurrence in those days.

 Henry was in Washington Township, Lucas County, for the 1930 census.  At 46, he rented a house and worked as a carpenter with a construction company. His rent was $40 a month.  Nettie, 51, his second wife, who was born in Kentucky, was there along with three of the children - Esther, 17; Martin, 18, who worked at a paint manufacturing plant; and Gertrude, 12. Augusta had married in 1928.
 Henry married Nettie (nee Caldwell, Ester) on June 11, 1928, in Monroe, Michigan.

 On August 9, 1932, Henry lost his only son, Martin Friedrich Ernest Spoering.  Martin, born on March 13, 1912, died in Toledo of internal injuries caused by an auto accident at Sylvania Alexis and Whiteford Roads.  He died the same day and was buried there in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Henry had to register for the draft for both WW I and WW II.  On September 12, 1918, he registered himself as a carpenter, tall and slender with blue eyes and brown hair.  He was not called to serve.  He made the "Old Man's Draft" on April 25, 1942, at the age of 58.  At that time, he gave his daughter, Esther Baer, Lynn Street, Deshler as his contact person.  He was still working as a self-employed carpenter, describing himself as 5'10", 150 pounds, with black/grey hair, a light complexion and blue eyes, with some teeth missing.

By the 1940 census, Nettie was not with Henry.  Henry lived at 403 South Pine Street in Deshler with his youngest daughter, Esther, and her husband, Roy Baer.  The enumerator labeled him as divorced.  Yes, he and Nettie were also divorced.

By now, his children had married and moved on.  The oldest, Augusta Maria Freda, born March 19, 1910, married Emil F. Hahn on September 14, 1928, in Hamler, Ohio. 
Esther Sophia Caroline Dorothea Spoering, born November 27, 1914, married Roy Baer, and the youngest, Gertrude Anna Alma, born October 9, 1917, married Paul Sandman.

On February 8, 1952, Henry Spoering passed away at the age of 68.  His obituary:

Holgate, Feb. 9 - Henry Spoering, 68, Holgate cabinet maker, was found dead in his shop by Albert Reibesehl, who discovered the body, said he had died of a heart attack two hours earlier.

Mr. Spoering lived in Holgate many years.  He is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Emil Hahn, Hamler; Mrs. Paul Sandman, Bowling Green; and Mrs. Roy Baer Deshler; and three grandchildren.

In addition, seven sisters and two brothers survive: Mrs. Mary Baden, Malinta; Mrs. Sophia Marks, Deshler; Mrs. Anna Helmke, Mrs. Frieda Lange and Mrs. Lydia Loudon, all of Napoleon; Mrs. Katie Tietje, Hamler; and Mrs. Amelia Slagle, Traverse City, Mich.; and Fred Spoering, Deshler; and George Spoering, Erie, Mich.

The body was taken to the Wesche funeral home in Napoleon.  Service arrangements are pending." 

Forest Hill Cemetery, Napoleon, Ohio