September 2, 2016

Going Home - York Township School

York Township Elementary School, Fulton County, Ohio
In the "olden days", we had no kindergarten, but children started first grade at five and this is where I showed up on that very first day of school.  I lived on the Fulton County side of the county line with Henry County, and so, instead of going to Liberty Center in Henry County, I went to York in Fulton County. As I remember it, first grade was quite academic, with play time reserved for recess only.  Alice and Jerry and Jip, the dog, were our fare, instead of the Dick and Jane readers.
In those days, York had grades 1 - 8 and I attended all eight years there.  I do remember most of my teachers - Mrs. Allomong, Miss Rashley, Mrs. Peabody, Mrs. Schmidlin, Mrs. Shelt, Mr. Krugh, Mr. Green and Mr. Hennings.  It was a tight knit, little family there, out in the country among the fields.  Definitely, there something to be said for the little, community schools and the security and feeling of belonging that they offer to children.  It's too bad that most have given way to consolidation.  I'm not sure we have that right.

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