September 2, 2016

Bringing Back the Memories - Great Grandpa Lem Ordway

Henry Lemuel Ordway - "Lem" - in the kitchen of his house in Malinta, Ohio
This photo brings back so many childhood memories of times spent with my great- grandparents.  This photo shows a corner of his kitchen and the old wood stove on which all the cooking was done and the baking, too - winter or summer.  A pail of kindling sits on the floor to the left of the stove, ready to keep the fire going.  On the left side of Grandpa, on the floor, it looks like the ash pan, as of course, the stove had to be cleaned out quite regularly. 

The ancient cabinet always held the Hi-Ho crackers that he would dole out a couple at a time to the grandchildren. On the wall to the left hung the matchstick holder, the matches handy to light the stove fire.  And tucked behind the holder, is a Farmer's Almanac, the bible of every farmer in those days.

My guess is that Grandma Bess (Lizzie, Elizabeth) made those curtains and probably the curtains in the cabinet, too.  On the stand beside the window sits the stool with the porcelain bucket filled with water pumped from the outside well.  A stainless steel dipper is in it, used by all for a cool drink.  I'm sure the pail is covered so that no unwanted debris, ashes or critters would enter the water.  The house never did have indoor plumbing.  The outhouse was a fair walk down a path behind the house.

Then there is grandpa with his cigar, looking mighty fine and content within his kingdom.  His blue eyes twinkling and the hint of a smile.  He wears the wool sweater which probably has a few small holes caused by the falling ashes of the cigar.

One of my favorite photos...thanks for sharing cousin Jim. 

(This post originally appeared on my former blog, A Face to the Sun, on May 11, 2015.)

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