September 2, 2016

Nashville Weekend - October, 2014

It was a quick three day journey to Nashville and back last weekend, with a great stay at the Opryland Hotel and a show at the Grand Old Opry.  We followed our recent trend of taking bus trips, easing the stress of driving and allowing both of us to enjoy the scenery along the way.  This year, however, the leaves have been slow to turn and so we didn't see the fall color we had anticipated.

Opryland Hotel Lobby
The Opryland Hotel complex covered 172 acres, so exploring would take more than the few hours we had each evening.  But, we covered all the territory we could!
Lovely glass sculpture and stained glass dome in the Opryland Hotel in Nashville

The Cascades area had restaurants and shops and a large walking area with every sort of tropical foliage.
 Our trip to the Grand Old Opry included a backstage tour which was very interesting.  We saw all the dressing rooms and waiting areas for performers, and also made it onto the stage, including a step onto the revered 6 foot circle saved from the old Ryman Theater downtown.  It was the Opry's 89th birthday celebration!
The Women of Country dressing room
 Trace Adkins was the headlining performer, but we also heard some of the Opry old-timers such as Lil' Jimmy Dickens who was in wonderful voice for 93 years old, and some newcomers such as Clare Bowen from the TV show, "Nashville."
Photo op outside the Grand Old Opry

Trace Adkins.  Getting a photo of his face was impossible!
We especially enjoyed our time with our travel know who you are!

(This post originally appeared on my past blog, A Face to the Sun, on October 15, 2014.)

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