September 2, 2016

Albert Elling, the Single Man, 1912

In looking through my box of photos, I came across this postcard addressed to Mrs. Fred Elling, R 25, Delta, Ohio, dated November 6, 1912 and postmarked in Deshler. The back says, "Albert Elling on right" and that's it. I'm not sure who the other fellow is - maybe someone can help me identify him.

Grandpa Albert was born 28 Jan 1888, so in this photo he would be 24 and still a single guy. He didn't marry until 13 Mar 1913. He's looking mighty handsome in his suit and tie and classy hat. I sure see some resemblance to a few folks I know in the family, do you?
P. S. To enlarge the photo for better viewing, click on the picture.

This post appeared on November 8, 2011, on my former blog, Elling Family News.)

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