February 24, 2014

The Children of Moses and Chloe Stoddard Camp - Julia Spink

The children of Moses and Chloe Camp were:
Julia - (1804 - 1872
Electa - 1806 - 1887)
Sarah - (1813 - 1892)
Lydia - (1814 - ?)
Platt - (1815 - 1876)
Harriet - (1817 - 1891)
Sophia - (1817 - 1898
Caroline - (1820 - 1889)

Even though she lived all of her life, it appeared, in the township of Sangerfield, Oneida County, New York, near her parents, information on Julia, the second daughter of Moses and Chloe, seemed rather sparse.
About a year after the first daughter, Chloe's, birth, another little girl named Julia was welcomed into the family on June 29, 1804.  In 1828, Julia married Joel Spink, the son of William and Polly Spink, also residents of the area.  The couple had three children: Celinda E, Melissa, and Delos.

In all the Federal censuses from 1840 - 1870, the Spink family were in Oneida County.  Although, in 1840, they were in Bridgewater as opposed to Sangerfield in all the other years.  Once they moved to Sangerfield, they lived, at least part of the time next to the family homestead.  In 1870, Joel owned no land and had $600 of personal wealth.  Most of the time, he was listed as a farmer, but once reported himself as a day laborer.  Did he help provide the labor to keep the home farm running?

Julia died on February 18, 1872, but I have not been able to locate any obituary for her.  The tombstone identified for her on www.findagrave.com in Sangerfield Cemetery had no discernable writing on it and was assigned to her because it sat next to Joel's stone.
 After Julia's death, Joel, then 68 years old, went to live with his oldest daughter, Celinda Spink Newton and family in Baltimore, Barry County, Michigan.  Celinda had married Albert S. Newton.  In the 1870 census, I found Albert, 42, and Celinda (Salinda in the census), 39, and one child, Minnie E, born in New York and 3 years old. In an interesting turn, Celinda, instead of her husband, owned the real estate worth $1550.  Considering the birthdate and birthplace of Minnie, it would seem the family moved from New York to Michigan between 1867 and 1870.

Celinda's sister, Melissa, married to Rensalear Wright, son of Judah and Emily Wright, also moved into Michigan after June 1870 when they appeared in the Sangerfield, New York Census and before June 1873 when their daughter Louise was born in Michigan.  In the 1880 census, Melissa and her husband were enumerated in Bedford Township, Calhoun County, Michigan, with their children: Ella, 13; Willie, 17; Julia, 11; Linie, 9, and Louisa, 7.  Four boys older than Willie had either married, moved, or died: Herbert, Charles, Daniel and Edwin, all who were enumerated. Melissa had children beginning at least by 1854 through 1873.

Julia and Albert's son, Delos, has been a complete mystery to me.  He appeared in the 1850 Federal census (Delos) and 1855 New York census (J. Delos) with his parents.  He was reported as 18 in 1855, making his birthdate 1836 or 1837, but I have found no trace of him after that time.

After Julia Camp Spink died in February, 1872, and her husband, Joel, moved to his daughter, Celinda's, home in Michigan, he lived only six months longer than his wife.  The Michigan death records stated that Joel Spink, a widowed, white male, aged 68 years, 7 months and 4 days, died at Baltimore, Barry County, Michigan, on August 13, 1872...just six months after his wife's demise.
A brief obituary appeard in The Waterville Times back in his hometown:
"SPINK.  In New Baltimore, Michigan, on Wednesday, August 14, 1872, Mr. Joel Spink, of Sangerfield, aged 68 years.  His remains were brought home for interment."
And so they were...to the Sangerfield Cemetery, supposedly laid beside his wife, Julia.

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