February 19, 2014

The Children of Moses and Chloe Camp - Chloe Lockwood

The children of Moses and Chloe Camp were:

Chloe - (1803 - 1873)
Electa - 1806 - 1887)
Sarah - (1813 - 1892)
Lydia - (1814 - ?)
Platt - (1815 - 1876)
Harriet - (1817 - 1891)
Sophia - (1817 - 1898)
Caroline - (1820 - 1889) 

The oldest sister of my husband's great-great grandmother, Sophia Camp Case, was named Chloe.  Born in Wethersfield, Connecticut about 1803 to Moses Camp and Chloe Stoddard Camp, she married David Lockwood about 1817, after the Camp family had settled in New York.
David, the son of Theophilus Lockwood Jr. and Helena Flageller, was older than Chloe by 12 or 13 years.  On the www.familysearch.org database for New York Births and Christenings, 1640-1962, it was noted that David was born 4 May 1790 and christened 10 May 1797 in the Reformed Dutch Church, Kinderhood, Columbia Co, NY.

According to the book, the Descendants of Robert Lockwood, page 292, the children of Chloe and David Lockwood were listed as shown below.  However, this book has been commented upon by many who see it as riddled with error, so I am just presenting what was written there for now, until I can find otherwise or have proof of this.

1) Lucia Harriett - born 15 Aug 1818, married William Monroe
2) Elizabeth Eleanor - born 11 Sept 1820, married William J. Thayer, died 1886
3) Louisa Ann - born 14 Nov 1823,married Obadiah W. Ewell
4) Mary Chloe - born 19 Feb 1826, married William Munson
5) Levi Camp - born 23 May 1827
6) Marcus Willard - born 8 May 1829, died young
7) Sarah Adaline - born 14 Nov 1831, married Edwin Munson, died 8 Feb 1893
8) Samuel Theophilis - born 23 Apr 1834, died 3 June 1913 CA, married Juliet Paddock

I have really struggled to find these families in the census records, and right now, I am not even sure of David's death date or place of burial.  I do know he died before 1870.  The 1870 Federal Census taken in Ward 13, Chicago, Cook County, IL, gave me the widow, Chloe Lockwood's, location on July 9 of that year.  At 65 years old, she was living with her son, Levi C. Lockwood, 42, a carpenter, and his wife, Phoebe A., 37, and their children, Jessie, 13, and born in WI, and Nellie, 3, born in CT.  So in 1870, Levi was in WI, but only 3 years earlier, in 1867 when Nellie was born, he was living in CT.  A clue for further research...

And sure enough, in the 1860 census taken in June, there was Levi C. Lockwood, 33, and his wife, Phebe A., 27, in Bridgeport, Fairfield County, CT with children, Jessie F., 3, and born in WI, and Gould, a male 6 months old, born in CT.  Apparently, Gould died and another child, Nellie was born in CT.  But Chloe, Levi's mother, was not with them, so perhaps David died between 1860 and 1870, bringing Levi back to the Midwest. 

Chloe died on 10 Dec 1873 at the age of 70.  She was buried in the Liberty (Liberty Corners) Cemetery, Salem, Kenosha County, WI.  

The tombstone reads, "Mother - Chloe Lockwood, died December 10, 1873, 70 years, 2 months and 22 (?) days."  I found a very short, one line obituary in The Waterville Times, NY paper, dated New Year's Day, 1874.  
It would seem logical that David would be buried in this same place, but that has not yet been discovered.
GG-Grandmother Sophia Camp Case died in 1898, many years after her older sister.  But in the Camp "things" from the attic, was this photo of a Lockwood (actually labeled!)

Very lightly on the back, one can see "E. R. Lockwood, Chicago, Ill."  The initials don't fit the children of Samuel T. or Levi C.'s children, as I know them now.  Someone sent this to Sophia Case...but, who?

I'm hoping that a Lockwood descendant will read this post and offer some help!


  1. Dianne,
    I wrote you a huge comment but when I went to post, tried to login in, and lost the comment..sorry.. I am a Lockwood relative as well...stumped...I'm sure we are relatives somewhere in the Lockwood lineage if you would like, email me, kbrindle2002@yahoo.com or just google Kelly Lockwood Brindle...that's me..;)

  2. My profile has an email address so you can email your connections. Would love to hear from you, Kelly!