February 11, 2014

Moses Camp and Chloe Stoddard Camp, GGG-Grandparents

The parents of Sophia (Camp) Case of Spencerville, Indiana, were Moses and Chloe Camp, who were both born in Connecticut, but spent most of their lives in Oneida County, New York.  

Moses was born to James and Elizabeth Kilbourn Camp on April 15, 1777, in Wethersfield Township, Hartford County, CT and christened on September 14th of the same year.
Chloe was born to Elisha and Dorothy Willard Stoddard on April 16, 1777, in the same place, and christened on July 6 of the same year.
The couple were married in Newington, Hartford County, CT, on November 25, 1802, according to The First Records of the Congregational Church in Newington as kept by Rev. Joshua Belden, Pastor and transcribed in 1874 into The Annals of Newington by Roger Welles.

Seven months later, their first child, Chloe, was born on June 29, 1803 in Wethersfield, CT.  The Oneida County Deed Book #18 has in it the record on Moses Camp acquiring land in Sangerfield, NY, for $700 on February 14, 1804.  Many Connecticut people came to New York in the days after the Revolutionary War.
Their family soon grew to include Julia (1804), Electa (1806), Sarah (1812), Lydia (1814), Platt (1815), Harriet (1818), Sophia (1817), and Caroline (1817).  Some researchers also include another son, James, in this list.  I have no record to sustain that, but it is a possibility.

Moses, along with John and Samuel Camp, was named in a list of the 1814 Owners of Land in Sangerfield.

In 1850, the census enumerators started taking names of everyone in the household, not just the head.  So, in the Town of Sangerfield, on September 26, 1850, were found Moses and Sophia Camp, both 73 and their son, Platt, 35, and Harriet, 32, both single.  Moses had real estate worth $100 and no occupation.  The farm may have been held by Platt, the only son, at that time. The census indicated that both Chloe and Moses were born in Connecticut.

A New York state census was held in 1855 showing Platt Camp as the head of household at age 39 with his father, Moses, 78; and sisters, Chloe Lockwood, 51, and Harriet, 37, in the household. Mother Chloe Camp died on March 12, 1851.
 The tombstone indicated that she was 83 years, 10 months and 26 days old, which would put her birthdate as 1767.  So, did the tombstone carver make a mistake?  It would appear so if the two census enumerations and christening records are correct.

Moses died five years later on September 18, 1856 and both are buried at the Sangerfield Cemetery, Sangerfield, Oneida County, NY.
His stone reads that he was 79 years, 5 months and 3 days old. 

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