February 5, 2014

A Treasure of Camp Family Photos

I have some motivation for continuing the research on the wife of Caleb Case, Sophia Camp, of Sangerfield, Oneida County, New York.  Among the many things saved in the attic of my husband's mother were these photos, all unidentified, but most are dated.

 All of the photo, but one, were taken in Waterville, New York, which is near Sangerfield and is also where some Camp family members lived.  I wanted to show both the front and back of the photograph because of the great markings on the back and the tax or revenue stamp.
 The tax stamp was required between March 1865 and August 1866.  Notice the 1868 photo above has no stamp.  The cost of the stamp depended on the value of the photo.  The 2 cent stamp meant that the photo would sell for a quarter or less but more than a dime.  This brief stamp act was passed by Congress to provide revenue for the Union war effort. 
 The photographer was supposed to affix the stamp to the photo and then cancel it with his initials and date, but most found that too time consuming, so they took shortcuts.  Placing an X on the stamp was one way to do that, as shown in the stamp above.
 Beginning about 1860, the carte de visites (CDV) photo became very popular in America.  It was a photo mounted on cardboard, measuring 2 1/2 by 4 inches, and it could be easily carried by soldiers, displayed in the home, or sent in the mail.
 I feel certain that these are photos that Sophia Camp Case's siblings sent to her in Indiana, perhaps with letters which have not survived, to my knowledge.  The dates may be a help in narrowing down who these folks might be. 


  1. Dear Dianne, Im not sure how I stumbled upon your blog here but Im extremely glad I did. My name is Ian Dana Camp and Im from Waterville, NY but now live in Boston. Im a descendant of who I believe to be Mose's brother Samuel (I think that was his name and relation, I don't have my notes in front of me and I get confused after D.K.F Camp who is my 4th Great Grand Father). Anyways seeing all these early Camp pictures is just so exciting to me! Im also very interested in learning my families and home towns history and have put a lot of effort into learning all I can before its lost with my grand parents. Thank you so so much for posting all this great information and these unbelievable photographs. I can't wait to show my Grand Parents next time Im home. Thank You and Take Care Ian Dana Camp

  2. I would love to exchange information with you, as I haven't ventured past my husband's direct line in the Camp family. Feel free to email me sometime. I especially excited that you can show these to your grandparents! Dianne

    1. That sounds great! What is your email address? Mine is Ian.tattoo@hotmail.com. I would love to share information with you. Next time Im back in Waterville Im going to take some pictures of some things that Im sure you will enjoy. Again this is so wonderful and thank you. Take care Ian

    2. Go to my profile above and you will see where to email me. Looking forward to those photos!