April 15, 2013

Sylvia Hollabaugh Ginther - Seventh Child of William Levi and Mary Lucetta

The Children of William Levi Hollabaugh and Mary Lucetta Case
- Harriet (1872-1950)
-Bertha ( 1874-1964)
-Ernest ( 1875-1955)
-Clarence (1881-1887)
-Esther (1887-1958)
-Sylvia (1888-1968)
                                                   -Stanley (1890-1967)

 The youngest daughter in the family was Sylvia, born October 11, 1888.  Her niece, Violette, best remembered her talent for needlepoint.

On May 4, 1907, she married Otto Ellsworth Ginther, known as O.E. in the family and in his work.  The Fort Wayne, Indiana, Journal Gazette carried this marriage announcement in the May 5, 1907 edition:
"Married on Saturday.  Auburn, Ind.  At noon today, Rev. S. E. Slater of the Lutheran Church, united in marriage at the parsonage, Miss Sylvia Hollabaugh of St. Joe, and Mr. Otto E. Ginther of Crawfordsville, Ind.  Mr. Ginther is a traveling salesman."

In the 1910 census, Otto was enumerated in South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana, living on South Taylor Street with Johana Hagerty, 50, and her five children.  He was listed as a roomer there who had been married three years.  He was a clerk for a fruit (?) company.  Where was Sylvia in 1910 while Otto was out on the road?  I can not find her anywhere in the census, but I do know that their first daughter, Dorothy Marie, was born in April 1910 in Cassopolis, Michigan.  Hence she may have been staying in their own home or in the home of O.E.'s parents or relatives after the baby's birth, but I could not find it recorded in the census for that place.

In October and November, 1916, O.E. had a job with the Union Tabernacle Campaigns conducted by Evangelist O.A. Newlin at Winona Lake, Indiana.  The resort along the lake had a very large wood structure which served as the tabernacle where meetings were hosted by a bevy of evangelists, including the well-known Billy Sunday, who had a home on Winona Lake.  From a souvenir brochure of the time from the Newlin meetings:
"Mr. Ginther is an indispensable member of the Evangelistic Party.  It is no small feat to keep a building the size of the tabernacle in comfortable condition in all sorts of weather.  Ginther is a real tabernacle man.  Aside from this, he takes care of all sales of books and sermons.
For several years before his conversion, he was a traveling salesman and that experience in brushing against humanity coupled with his marvelous Christian experience, has enabled him to reach the hearts of scores of young men.
Few persons working today have a richer experience or a more attractive way of telling them than Mr. Ginther.  No person who has heard the testimony of this splendid Christian young man can ever doubt the reality of the power of Jesus Christ to save a life from sin."

In September, 1918, Otto registered for the World War I draft, listing his job at the time as working for the YMCA at Camp Sherman in Chilicothe, Ross County, Ohio.  He was thirty-six years old and described himself as tall with a medium build and gray eyes and black hair.

By the 1920 census, Otto E., 39, and Sylvia, 31, had moved to Concord Township in Dekalb County, Indiana.  They lived there with their daughters, Dorothy M., 9, and Virginia E., 6.  O.E. was working as a salesman for the Delco Light Company.  By 1921, however, the family was listed in the Fort Wayne City Directory as living at 1626 Creighton Avenue where O.E. continued to work as a salesman.  This family, or at least O.E., was on the move.

In 1930, the family was back in Dekalb County, Indiana, this time in Spencer Township.  Otto was forty-seven and farming, Sylvia was 41, and daughters Dorothy M., 19, and Virginia L., were at home. The last census we have access to in 1940 has them living in the same township, but in a different home.  Dorothy and Virginia had moved out by that time.

Apparently O.E. held many jobs and the family moved around frequently.  Otto died in Garrett, Indiana on March 14, 1955.  From her sister,Esther's, obituary in 1958, we know that Sylvia was in Salt Lake City, Utah and later on she moved to Los Angeles to live with her daughter, Virginia.  Sylvia died there on May 23, 1978 and her body was brought back to Indiana to be buried with O.E. in Dekalb County.
Dorothy Ginther
Virginia Ginther

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