April 10, 2013

Clarence Hollabaugh - Fifth Child of William Levi and Mary Hollabaugh

The Children of William Levi Hollabaugh and Mary Lucetta Case
- Harriet (1872-1950)
-Bertha ( 1874-1964)
-Ernest ( 1875-1955
-Clarence (1881-1887)
-Esther (1887-1958)
-Sylvia (1888-1968)
-Stanley (1890-1967)

As far as I know, no photo exists for little Clarence Hollabaugh, who died so tragically and so young.  Mary Case Hollabaugh had just had little sister, Esther, in April of 1887, when her son, Clarence, was killed in June.  My husband's grandmother, Geneva (Eva), was only 8 at the time of the incident.
Clarence's obituary tells the story graphically...

St. Joe News, St. Joe, Indiana
"Friday, June 10, 1887
One of the saddest accidents in the history of St. Joe was that which occurred last Tuesday morning and which resulted in the death of Clarence, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hollabaugh.  The facts are as follows:

Clarence had accompanied his older brother in taking the cows to pasture, and on their return, as they neared the railroad crossing, a local freight was approaching and in order to make a running switch, they had cut the train into three pieces and after the engine had gone by, little Clarence, supposing that was all of the train, boy-like, run down on to the track to watch it, not noticing the balance of the train that was following close behind.  His older brother, some distance away, called to him, but it all happened so quick, that before anything could be done, the car had struck the little fellow, and throwed him perhaps fifteen feet.  

Several persons in the neighborhood were witnesses of the distressing scene, and Mrs. Shuler was the first to reach the boy, and picked him up and carried him to her home near by.  His parents and a doctor were hurriedly called, but was seen that it was an utter impossibility for the child to live: his body was badly bruised, several bones were broken and the brain was oozing out of his head, strange as it may seem, he lived in that condition for thirty minutes after the accident.

Clarence was a bright, little fellow of about six years old, and the family have the sympathy of the entire community in this sad affliction.  The funeral occurred Wednesday afternoon in the Lutheran church and was largely attended." 

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