April 3, 2013

Harriet Hollabaugh Fairfield - First Child of William and Mary Hollabaugh

The Children of William Levi Hollabaugh and Mary Lucetta Case
- Harriet (1872-1950)
-Bertha ( 1874-1964)
-Ernest ( 1875-1955
-Geneva (1878-1968) *grandmother
-Clarence (1881-1887)
-Esther (1887-1958)
-Sylvia (1888-1968)
-Stanley (1890-1967)

Hattie and Will Fairfield (possible wedding photo)
 Harriet Hollabaugh was the first child of William Levi and Mary Lucetta, born July 8, 1872 in Dekalb County, Indiana.  Known as Hattie, she spent her whole life in that county.  She married William H. Fairfield on December 30, 1897 and by the 1900 census, had one child who did not survive.  On April 30, 1903, she gave birth to a daughter, Anna Helena, known always as Helena and an only child, who lived with her parents until their deaths and did not marry herself.

Helena, Hattie and Will Fairfield
 Her obituary:
"Hattie Fairfield Passes Away
Hattie Hollabaugh Fairfield was born on July 8, 1872 to William L. and Mary Case Hollabaugh.  She was the oldest of eight children.  She passed away at her home in Spencerville on July 16, 1950, following an illness of almost four years. Of this time, she was confined to her bed for three years with a complication of diseases.
On December 30, 1897, she was united in marriage to William H. Fairfield.  To this union were born three children, two of whom passed away in infancy.  One daughter, Anna Helena, survives.
For many years, Mrs. Fairfield was a faithful member of the Lutheran Church in Spencerville, having joined by letter following her marriage.  In fact, Mrs. Fairfield, as a child, attended the dedication of the church.
In her earlier days she was a very active worker.  She was president of the Christian Endeavor, a teacher of the teenage boys' class and later the teacher of the Martha class.  She was well-versed in the Bible and toward the end of her days, enjoyed having the Bible read to her.  
In that period of time known as the gay nineties, Mrs. Fairfield was an excellent seamstress and worked at this art for a period of (twelve?twenty?) years.  Many a bride has proudly worn the results of her toil. In later years, she had to lay aside all such work.
Surviving Mrs. Fairfield are the following brothers and sisters: Bertha Baker of Mishawaka, Ernest Hollabaugh of Logansport; Eva Pflaumer of Spencerville; Esther Hollabaugh of Richmond; Sylvia Ginther of Spencerville and Stanley Hollabaugh of St. Joe."
 Will Fairfield died on October 21, 1932 and their daughter, Helena, died on October 25, 1991.

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