July 15, 2013

Upcoming Blogs

I'm taking a little research break, but the blog will continue!

**My Hollabaugh research was given a nice boost from a great-grandson of Alice Catharine Hollabaugh Enck, and soon I will be adding the information he so generously passed on to her posting.  Thanks, Bob!
**But my brick wall on the Hollabaughs comes in finding George's father, hubby's great-great-great grandfather.  I have a couple possibilities, but can't really prove them.  I think a research trip to the Gettysburg area is definitely in the cards, but not this year when the 150th is going on. If anyone has information on this line, I would love to know about it!

**I have a growing stack of books from publishers to read and review, and that's a great activity for the heat of summer.  So, coming up - book reviews!

**I also will be posting more old photos found in boxes from the attic.  The previous post has one of the class photos discovered.  Many were donated to the Dekalb County, Indiana Genealogical Society, but a few were just discovered stuck into scrapbooks.

**I'm working on research for the family of William Levi Hollabaugh's wife, Mary Lucetta Case Hollabaugh.  Her Case family moved to Indiana from New York sometime in the late 1840s, I believe.  Some very good, original documents were found among the attic things.  I also will be attending the Federation for Genealogical Societies conference at the Allen County Public Library next month, and I have scheduled a research day while there.  I'm hoping to make good progress on the Case and Camp (Mary's mother - Sophia Camp Case). 

**So, I'll still be here and would love to hear from readers on any of the families mentioned on this blog!  The old photos and stories have helped so many others in their research, including me, as you write and share what you have from your ancestors.  

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