July 31, 2013

Delph Reunion 1940

Findlay Republican Courier
August 28, 1940, page 11

"Delph - Weaver Family

Philip Delph and Caleb Weaver, whose children intermarried, gave this reunion association its name.  The attendance at the annual reunion held at Riverside park Sunday numbered 75.  Delph lived in Henry County and Weaver had his home in Wyandot County.  Cecil Delph, of Portage Center, was chosen president of the reunion association for the next reunion which will take place at Riverside park next August.

Other officers elected were Vice-president, George Delph; Secretary, Mrs. George Kahley of Crestline; Treasurer, John Weaver.  

The oldest member of this family is 'Grandma Delph' whose home is at Malinta. She is 91 and able to do her own housework.  The youngest member is Gerald Cyrus Hadsell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leir Hadsell." 

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