July 2, 2013

A Few Additions...

  Before I move on to the last Hollabaugh sibling of great-grandfather, William Levi, I wanted to insert a few items into past posts that have just been discovered.

 I found an article about George Hollabaugh, son of J. Pierce (who was the son of Jacob Hollabaugh) that I have added to the post about Jacob. On Eliza Jane Hollabaugh Fries' entry, I have added a letter sent to the relatives of B. F. Fries, her husband, after his death.
I thought about just posting them separately, but it seemed best to put them with the rest of the information about that sibling

I have been struggling with the research for Georgianna Hollabaugh, but I do have quite a bit now, so I'll be posting very soon.  Part of the problem stems from her moves from Pennsylvania to Illinois to Iowa to California!  I also had to learn that her married name was not Pencil, as found in one of her sibling's obituaries, but instead Pensyl.  However, the pieces seem to have fallen into place. If anyone has a photo of Georgianna, I would love to have one to enhance the post and add to the research.  She had two children, so maybe somewhere there are descendents who can help!

Of the Hollabaugh siblings from that generation, four of the eight moved west to settle: William Levi, David William, George Washington, and Georgianna Hollabaugh Pensyl.  Quite adventurous, I'd say!

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