December 2, 2011

A Word About the Simple Touch Nook

Last summer, I was lucky enough to win a Nook Simple Touch in a contest, and I'm so glad I did.  The first thing I did was buy a case for it, thinking that the odds of my dropping it or scratching the screen were high.
The Simple Touch is so easy to use, is very, very lightweight, and it fits neatly into my purse .  I thought I would use it mostly to take with me when traveling or when I knew I would have a long wait somewhere (aka airports and doctor's offices.)  

The display is clear and easy to read and navigate.  This photo shows my library and then suggests other books I might enjoy.  It is simple to adjust font size and the screen is totally touch for turning pages and using the menu.  The whole system is so easy that I now have learned how to borrow e-books from the library with it.
I usually turn off the wireless when not loading a book, just because then the battery lasts MONTHS before I have to recharge.  Books are easily purchased at B & N and within minutes after buying, they appear in my Nook.  Every Friday the Nook Blog offers a free book, too.

 I  am disappointed that often e-books are more expensive than their paper copies...just doesn't seem right. I may be interested in upgrading at some point as prices adjust, but for now, this Simple Touch is all I need. I can highly recommend for those looking for a basic e-reader. 

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