December 27, 2011

Book Review - Heart of Ice by Lis Wiehl

Looking for a good weekend read?
May I recommend...
Heart of Ice by Lis Wiehl with April Henry

The evil, sociopathic Elizabeth Avery, aka Sissy, was the focus of this suspense novel, the third of the Triple Threat series. Elizabeth didn't care who she manipulated or eliminated in order to satisfy her goal and her goal was to marry the handsome and wealthy Ian, a prominent attorney. When her ambition led her to the decision to kill Ian's ex-wife, Sara, and son, Noah, events began to tumble against her.
The Triple Threat in these novels were friends, Cassidy, a Channel Four crime reporter; Nicole, an FBI agent; and Allison, a federal prosecutor. Each of the women struggled with issues in their personal lives, as a sidenote to the crimes they were investigating. Cassidy worried about keeping her status at Channel Four when a young, pretty intern, Jenna, entered the scene. Allison had just had a miscarriage and her wayward sister, Lindsay, had moved in to Allison and her husband's home. Nicole found a lump in her breast and the big "C" word entered her life. All of the women came to know Elizabeth through a fitness class, not suspecting that she had a very dark side.

The author did an excellent job in creating characters, especially Elizabeth. The reader almost immediately senses that this woman is so wicked and completely cold, and I was disgusted by her approach to others and her criminal past. She grew increasingly conscienceless as the story progressed. We are also drawn into the lives of the Triple Threat girls and led to care very much about the personal issues they must cope with, while at the same time focusing on solving crimes.

I felt sometimes the scenes/chapters changed too abruptly and it took awhile to reset the mind to another event and story line. The pursuit of the "Want Ad" killer was a diversion that was not really developed or resolved, and it did at times interrupt the other plot line.

I gave the book a 4 star rating because it was a fun read, but really I knew who was behind all the crimes described in the book, so the suspense level was lower than I expected. I have not read the other two Triple Threat novels, but I would be interested now to follow the three women on some of their other adventures.

*This novel was provided to me by Thomas Nelson Publishers for my review. The review is totally my own opinion.

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