December 22, 2011

More Blasts from the Past - Ordway Style

 I'm still digging through boxes and envelopes of old photos - some labeled and some not. 
I've found many of interest, of course, and I'm hoping that someone out there can help with identification on some of these.

The photo to the left was labeled "Grandpa Butch" and that's Fred (aka Fritz) Ordway.
Anyone recognize the house?  Notice that he is standing on what looks like a place for holding horses and stepping up into a buggy or mounting the horse.
 I only recognize two in this photo.  I believe the second man from the left is Bib Gunter, Amasa's brother, and the fourth from the left is Phil Ordway.  I have some other photos with the middle fellow in them, but I don't know who it is.

The newspaper clipping below shows Phil Ordway on the left and little George Delph on butchering day in 1913..

The photo on the left below is Phil Ordway (1899-1990) and his beautiful bride, Bonnie Glick (1900-1947), mother to daughters, Lois (b. 1928) and Phyllis (b. 1937.)  I don't have a wedding date for them, but would guess the mid-1920's.

 This photo was taken on the porch of my great-grandparents, Lemuel and Lizzie Ordway's home before it was enclosed with screens, as I remember it.  On the left is Phil Ordway, in the center is his father, Lem, and Marie Ordway is on the right.  Obviously, lawn care was not a priority in those days!  I am just guessing that this photo was taken in the early 1920's. 

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