June 2, 2011

Kudos to Hyatt Regency, Denver, at the Colorado Convention Center!

Just returned from ten days in Colorado...an eventful vacation...and now I'm down and out, i.e. sick, sick, sick, but I promise I'll get back blogging as soon as I can.

We took the Amtrak train to Denver, just for the adventure of it all ... a long trip from Ohio.  I'll post some pictures soon and tell more, but I wanted to give credit to the fabulous Hyatt Regency, Denver, where we spent our last four or five days in Colorado. 
The night before we were to board our train for the almost 30 hour ride home, I developed a case of severe vertigo.  I mean, things were spinning and I was sick to my stomach, unable to stand up without help.  Early in the morning, the Hyatt 24/7 nurse consult helped us and determined we might want to call 911, which the hotel did for us.  Within minutes, the kind John D'Angelo, Assistant Rooms Executive, came right to our room with two security men who brought emergency med supplies and waited with us until the rescue squad arrived.  Mr. D'Angelo provided us a taxi ride home from the hospital and an extension of our stay gratis. 
The next day when the E.R. doctor had nixed a train ride home for me, Kayla (and Denise and Jessica) were all helpful in getting us a flight booked for Denver to Detroit (2 hrs. 12 min.) and again providing us a taxi ride to the airport.  I can't say enough about the spectacular service and caring of this Hyatt Regency staff.

Not only is it a fabulous hotel, with four food venues onsite and gorgeous, modern rooms, but it is also within a block of the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall and within walking distance of many city sites.  If you are going to be in the Denver area, this is a shameless advertisement for the Hyatt! 
 Check them out here.

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