June 13, 2011

Memorial Events for Our Son, Jason

 It really was an emotional weekend, filled with friends and family and strangers, gathered together to remember Jason as we approach the anniversary of his death in July. 
How can we ever thank all of you enough? 

On Thursday evening, June 9th, the folks in the Wapakoneta School District honored Jason by dedicating the new courtyard of the high school in his name.  The shining, black stone in the courtyard was breath-taking and much more than we had envisioned. 

On Saturday, the first Jason Kline 1.5 mile Alumni Run was held at his alma mater, Fairview High School.  Lots of family, friends, and classmates turned out...in the rain. 

We are all humbled and grateful.   
It hasn't been an easy year, but as we search for our peace, it matters so much that we have so many praying and supporting us.
From all of us, thank you again and again.

Jennie celebrates finishing the 5k with Matthew and Luke

Gracelyn and Taylor teamed up on the alumni run.

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  1. I've been thinking of you all, and praying too. Such special honoring events! So glad you shared your photos and thoughts! Hugs.