March 5, 2011

The Old Scrapbook

When my cousin told me that she would let me have a look at an old photo album of Great Grandma Ordway's she had rescued from a pile that was going to be burned, I was so excited.  I really didn't have that many old photos from the Ordways or Delphs, so what good fortune it was to have these pictures.  Some faces were easily recognizeable, but some will never be identified.   Even when we couldn't name the faces, the photographs, themselves, give all of us a peek into what life what like in the early 1900's.   

Great-Great Grandmother's (Elizabeth Delph Ordway) Scrapbook
Unfortunately, many unidentified photos

My grandfather, Fritz Ordway, feeding the chickens with his mother, Elizabeth Delph Ordway

My great-grandmother, Lizzie Ordway, doing the laundry.
Do we have it easy or what?

Pete Bensing and my great-grandfather,
Lemuel Ordway.  No wedding ring on Lem's finger and he married in 1897.

Great-Great Grandparents, Philip and Elizabeth Witzgall Delph
"The Brick Block"  - the main drag of Malinta.  I think the Delph
store was under the awnings somewhere.
Great Grandpa and Grandma Ordway's house - after the porch and kitchen addition.  Eventually,
I remember that the porch was screened in and it had a wonderful porch swing where we spent hours. 

From Left to Right - Elizabeth Delph Ordway, unknown, Marie Ordway, Lemuel Ordway
Do you suppose this was their new car?  Anyone know the make and model?

Great-Grandpa, Lem Ordway, pumping his water.  Maybe he's pumping bath
water into that tub. They never did have running water in their home. 

Many, many thanks to Mary Seibert for letting me scan some of the photos
in this scrapbook!  I'll post more later.


  1. I have seen an album very similar to this that belonged to my great great grandma Charity Ross Root (Maria Ordiway's granddaughter). I would love to know if there are any of my branch of the tree.

  2. It would be hard to know, Cassie, since all but a few photos were unidentified. As far as we could tell, the photos in the album were mostly immediate family and some Delph family. I have never seen a photo of any Ordway relatives back further than my great-grandfather Lemuel(except Mariah Ordway Ross). I wish someone would come forth with some...if they even exist!