March 11, 2011

Johann Georg Delp, 1805 - 1851

Johann Georg Delp was born December 1805 in Klein Bieberau, Hessen, Germany.  At about the age of 29, he left Germany bound for America.  The History of Crawford County states that from Baltimore “…the entire company proceeded westward and with wagons and teams finally reached Crawford County, Ohio.  They located on wild land in Vernon township three miles northwest of Crestline.”

Despite going through the entire 1840 census, page by page, for Crawford County, I was not able to find any Delp, Heckler or Lautenschlager names – three families that traveled together.  I also tried Richland County and failed to find them.  So either the families were in such a remote area of the county that the census taker did not go there, or they were somewhere else completely at this point.  Since the 1840 census only lists heads of households and not the names of each family member in the home, it might be possible that they were staying with others at that time.  So the exact location of Georg Delp in 1840 is unknown.

I have also not located any marriage record for Georg and Christiana, but at some point between 1834 and 1837 at the birth of their first child, I would assume a marriage took place.  Georg and Christiana settled in Jackson Township, Crawford County and had five children there: Elizabeth, born around 1837, Margaret born about 1839, Caroline born 1843, Philip born 1845 and George born 1848. 

In the 1850 census, Johann Georg was using his middle name Georg as his called name, a common practice among the Germans.  Georg, 45, a farmer, and his wife Christiana, 43, both born in Germany were living in Jackson Township, Crawford County, Ohio, with children Elizabeth, 13, Margaret 11, Caroline 5, Philip 4, and George 2 and Charles Frank.  The census taker was there on August 8 and three weeks later, on the 29th, mother Christiana Delp died.
Christiana Delp, wife of George Delph, died Aug. 29, 1830, age 42y 2m
St. Paul's Reformed Cemetery, Vernon Twp. Crawford County
Kile Road, .3 mi. east of SR 598
The photos below from the old scrapbook is from a set of pages called “Visiting Relatives in Crawford County.”  One photo was of a lowly, hewn log cabin that appeared to be on the property of those being visited.  It made me wonder if this were the old homestead and maybe this cabin is where Georg and Christiana settled; I’m at least sure it would be similar.

Old cabin in Crawford County, probably on property where Delph relatives lived, the more modern house being barely visible in the background.
Then I wondered if this old fellow would have been Philip's brother, George, but not one
photo labeled, so we'll never know. 
 It will take some more research to find out just where this home was located.  I do have an old plat map showing the land, but I forgot to label what year!  I guess another trip to Crawford County is necessary!

Label your photos, everyone!

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