March 8, 2011

The Immigrant - J. Georg Delp

Georg Delp and Christiana Lautenschlager Delp were the immigrant parents of Philip Delph, my great-great grandfather.  Georg emigrated from Germany in 1834, along with others whose lives would intertwine in Crawford County, Ohio.  During those days, it was advertised to the German people that there was very cheap land in the American West.  In 1834, Andrew Jackson was president, our country was just 58 years old, and Ohio was considered the "West."

Georg Delp came from the village of Klein Bieberau, a small village in Germany, known as a village of weavers.  He and others from his village and other small towns close by made their way to Bremen in northern Germany to board the ship, Lucilla in August 1834.  The ship landed in Baltimore and on September 18th, James Myers, Master of the ship, was required to present a list of "all who have been taken on board the Said Ship at Bremen or at any other foreign port or at Sea and brought into any district of the United States Since her (leaving) the Said Port of Bremen." 

From the ship's passenger list provided by the captain, we know that 102 adults, 17 children from ages 5 - 12,  and 2 children under 5 were transported on that voyage of the Lucilla.
In 1834, Fell's Point in Baltimore was the second most important port for immigration in the United States.  From 1800 up until the Civil War, eighteen shipyards in Baltimore were busy building ships.  The Baltimore brigs were a two masted ship with square rigs on both masts.  The ships were used to carry goods from Maryland, like tobacco and flour, to Europe and on its return, the ships were filled with immigrants.  Accomodations were crowded, but by law each immigrant was required to have a berth 18 inches wide and 6 feet long.  Travelers had to bring their own bedding and food.  It was probably at least a 2 - 3 week trip across the Atlantic, depending on wind and weather. 

It is thought that Georg was born in December 1805, making him about 29 when he made this journey.  I do not know at this point if his future wife Christiana was with the five adults in the Phil. Lautenschlager group on this ship or if she was already in America.


The red star indicates the location of Klein Biberau, south of Frankfurt and north of Heidelberg in Hessen.

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