December 28, 2015

Ohio University, Athens, Ohio - 1929-1931

Maurice F. Kline

 A cache of old college photos was just discovered, once owned by the fellow on the right - Maurice Kline (Father -Daniel Kline, Grandfather -Wesley Kline).  Maurice attended Ohio University for two years with his goal to become a lawyer.  
After a couple years, money was so tight during the Depression that he was forced to quit.

The group of about ten college photos are not labeled except for two, sadly.  (Label your photos!)

 This photo was captioned -

"East Hill, Jan. 25, '31, Athens, Ohio"

Maurice Kline is on the right.  The other man is not identified.

Written on the back of this photo -
"An Exhibition by the fraternity on Homecoming Day, Nov. 1931.  Wesleyan vs. Ohio U. at Athens Stadium.  Score for the game - Ohio, 19 and Wesleyan, 0.

Sigma Delta Rho, Zeta Chapter.

Census of drunk (intoxicated) taken by Mr. X of the Sigma Delta Rho = 287
Subject to error because of recorders condition at time."

This photo was unlabeled, but Maurice Kline is on the right side, second row with a young man standing in front of him, slightly to the viewer's right.
Where was this taken?  On campus? And what is this construction of stones?

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