December 23, 2015

Hidden in the Closet ...

Soon, posts will be written on the Kline family of Hocking County, Ohio, but to begin, I must use these two photos which were just discovered among others in a plastic bag in the closet.  I don't recall ever having seen them! 

First, there was this:
 As you can see, this photo is in horrible shape - full of fingerprints, dirt, and the photo covering is peeling away.  I feel fairly confident that this is a photo of Wesley Kline, gg-grandfather.  Compare it to this -
 Do you agree that it is the same man with only age as the difference?  This is Wesley Kline and Dora Myers Kline from Hocking County, Ohio.

I have searched and searched for something on Eureka Photos, but have found nothing.  Any help out there?

And with Wesley's photo was this one:
 Is this a young Dora?  

 What do you think? 


  1. I agree the two males are the same. Not sure about the female but it could be a younger version of her. The face shape is the same. Interesting!!!

  2. Looks like the same man in both photos to me. Not sure about the female but it could be--the have the same face shape. Interesting!