January 18, 2015

Sidnah Meek Garrett - Daughter of James and Anna (Cooper) Meek

The Children of James and Anna (Cooper) Meek

Samuel Meek (great-grandfather) 1824 - 1902
David Cooper Meek (Samuel's twin) 1824 - 1901
Enoch Meek #1 1825 - 1901
                     Hiram   1826/7 - 1909  (Elizabeth's twin)
Elizabeth  1826/7 -1907 
Seth     1827 - 1845
*Sidnah  1830 - 1872
James  1833 - 1865
Ednah  1834 - 1910
John  1836 - ?
Beulah  1837 - 1912
Enoch #2   1840 - 1864
Solomon  1842 - 1917
Sidnah Jane Meek was born about 1830 in Columbiana County, Ohio.  
Hugh Eaton Garrett and Sidnah J. Meek married on November 23, 1854.  In the 1860 census, the couple resided in East Palestine, Unity Township, Columbiana County. Hugh was a carpenter and the family then included two children - James M. Meek, 4, and Cooper Meek, 1.  (James Meek Garrett and Cooper Sidney Garrett)

In the 1870 census, the family was enumerated as McGarrett. Hugh was 40 and Sidnah (enumerated Sidney) was 38.  The family had expanded to five children:
James -14, Cooper -11, Sherman -9, Sissie (Elizabeth, Lizzie) - 5, and D. Frank, 4 (David Frank). Hugh was a sawyer, one who saws wood.  Their real estate was valued at $800 and no value was given to their personal goods.

Sadly, just two years later, on February 1, 1872, Sidnah Meek Garrett died. She was buried in East Palestine in the Glenview Cemetery.  Later, her oldest son, James would be buried with her.  James' wife, Ida Elser Garrett is also buried nearby.
Hugh, left with five children, sent at least two, little Sissie and David Frank to live with Sidnah's sister, Elizabeth Meek Goodin in Defiance County. They will appear on the census there.  Sidnah died in February and by October of that same year, 1872, Hugh remarried to Almira Dawes on October 15, who also lived in Columbiana County.  Almira and Hugh made their home in Leetonia and had four children together: Horace (born Sept. 1873), Jessie (born February 1875), Charles (born January 1877) and Rosa Rita (born December 1879).

Hugh Garrett died in 1890 at the age of 62, still working as a carpenter.  His second wife, Almira, lived another 32 years, until 1922, when she died at the age of 82.

As for the children of Sidnah and Hugh, James Meek Garrett spent his adulthood in Pennsylvania where he worked on the railroad as both a brakeman and a baggage master.  He outlived his wife and his two children.
Cooper Sidney Garrett moved to the Oregon Territory and lived there and in Washington state, working as a bookkeeper and eventually trying his hand at growing fruit. He and his wife Rosa Townsend had several children.
It is known only that Sherman Garrett died in 1914.
Elizabeth Garrett also went west to Washington with her husband Thomas Goff after marrying in Columbiana County.  Thomas  worked on the railroad. Lizzie died in 1920, with no children.
David Frank Garrett, known as Frank, went west where he married Alice Rachel Atkins in Nebraska.  They moved to Kansas where he was co-owner of a business, the Cronk and Garrett General Store.  They had three children, one of whom survived beyond childbirth.

**I met Shannon on Ancestry and she contributed much to the above research.  Thanks, Shannon!


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