January 12, 2015

Elizabeth Meek Goodin - Daughter of James and Anna (Cooper) Meek

The Children of James and Anna (Cooper) Meek

Samuel Meek (great-grandfather) 1824 - 1902
*David Cooper Meek (Samuel's twin) 1824 - 1901
Enoch Meek #1 1825 - 1901
                     Hiram   1826/7 - 1909  (Elizabeth's twin)
*Elizabeth  1826/7 - 1907 
Seth     1827 - 1845
Sidnah  1830 - 1872
James  1833 - 1865
Ednah  1834 - 1910
John  1836 - ?
Beulah  1837 - 1912
Enoch #2   1840 - 1864
Solomon  1842 - 1917

Elizabeth Meek was born during the time her parents lived in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, on August 6, 1827.  According to her obituary, the family moved back to Columbiana County, Ohio, when she was about 7 years old.  She is shown in the census, staying at home with her widowed mother until her mother died, after which she moved with her brother, Solomon, to Defiance County, Ohio, to join the other siblings who had moved there.  After their sister, Sidnah, died in 1872, Elizabeth and Solomon cared for Sidnah's two younger children, Lizzie and Frank.

On October 13, 1878, at the age of 49, Elizabeth married Addison Goodin in Hicksville.  Addison was shown in the 1870 census with his first wife, Jane, and his occupation was listed as Grocery, Ret.  Retired?  Well, hardly, as the entrepeneur in Addison was always looking for a business.  The Hicksville papers trace his ventures.
Elizabeth and Addison, by the 1880 census, had taken in Lizzie and Frank Garrett to raise.  A. Goodin, 62, hardware merchant and Elisebeth Goodin, Keeping House, had with them Frank Garrett, 12, and Lizzie Garrett, 15, both attending school.

On February 23, 1882, Addison was in business with his uncle, Wesley Batchelor, in Hicksville, according to the Tribune.
Addison went out on his own and by April 6, 1882, these ads were appearing in the local paper.
 Always looking for a new venture, Addison thought he saw bright prospects in moving out west to Kansas.  The local paper reported his trip on December 11, 1884.

Frank would have been about 19 when he also went off to Kansas to seek his fortune.
By January of 1886, Addison was ready to move to Kansas by selling all his property in Ohio.  

BUT...did he sell and leave Hicksville?
On April 22, 1886, an article appeared in the paper, claiming that Addison was in a new partnership in Hicksville. 
So, more research will need to be done to see if Addison and Elizabeth remained in Hicksville!  Or if they went to Kansas briefly and things just didn't work out.

In 1889, when Sidnah's daughter, Lizzie, was 24, a notice appeared in the newspaper that she was visiting out west.
Lizzie's older brother, Cooper Meek, was in Montana at that time, according to the census.  He lived in Flathead, Columbia County, where he worked as a bookkeeper.  He and his wife had two children at that time, James Hugh and Ethel A.  

By 1900, Addison and Elizabeth were elderly and living on Smith Street in Hicksville...which made me think that they did not get it sold years back.  Married 59 years with no children of their own, Addison was 82 and Elizabeth, 72.

In 1904, Addison died at 86.  Elizabeth eventually went into a facility for the elderly in Indiana where she passed away in 1907.  Her obituary appeared in a collection of Northwest Ohio Pioneer Obituaries and was published in the paper on 
April 11, 1907.

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