July 13, 2014

Platt Camp's Box

Thanks to Ian Camp for this story and the photos!  I love when this blog leads me to the great family stories I know are out there somewhere.

Ian's parents obtained this box indirectly at an auction held in Earlville, NY.  The box was actually purchased by someone else, but later, upon pleading that it was a family heirloom, the original owner let his parents buy it back for the price that was paid at auction.
Yes, it's a handmade box.

 We're not really sure what it was intended to hold.

 But the worth of it lies under the lid...
The couple who had consigned the box to the auction used to live in the house Platt Camp built on Putnam Street in Waterville, NY.  (To read about Platt Camp,
Did Platt construct the box or did he have someone make it for him, later to have the name inscribed?  One of the mysteries.
But isn't it great that it survived and made it back into family hands?

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