July 17, 2014

News from Levi Enck's Family

About a year ago, I wrote of the family of Alice Catherine Hollabaugh and her husband, Henry Enck.   From reading that post, Jack Reichert, a researcher on the Enck family, wrote to say that he thought that that Henry Enck was a son of John Enck, brother to his great-grandfather, Levi Enck.

According to Jack, the immigrant Enck came to the United States in 1743, sailing from Rotterdam in Holland on the ship, Snow Charlotte, which landed in Philadelphia.  The family mostly settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, near Brickerville in Dundee, later known as Lexington.  

Henry Enck later moved to Monroe Township, Cumberland County, PA, in 1837 where he bought 120 acres of land which he farmed.  This Enck homestead was constructed sometime between 1840 - 1850, Jack said.
He began his story of his Enck line with Henry Enck, Sr., born August 17, 1796, who married first, Anna Mary Schiffler.  The couple had one child named Henry, born in 1817. 

Henry Enck

 Anna died, perhaps in childbirth, and Henry Sr. married again to Anna Khiel. 
The couple had 12 children.
The children of Henry Enck, Sr. and Anna Kiehl Enck were:

George A. Enck 1821- 1899
John Enck  1823 - 1903
Elizabeth Enck  1824 - 1877
Mary Ann Enck   1826 -1909
Jacob Enck  1828 - 1903
Anna Enck   1830 - 1877
Catherine    1832 - 1923
Reuben Enck   1834 - 1907
Isaac Enck   1836 - 1919
William Henry Enck   1838 - 1913
Hiram K. Enck   1840 - 1922
Levi Enck    1847- 1923

Like clockwork, a child arrived into the Enck family every two years or so, until little Levi, who may have been a surprise in 1847!

Henry Enck, in later years
 Thanks so much, Jack for this story of your line of the Enck family.  The daughter of the 13th child of Henry Enck Sr. was Jack's grandmother.  

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