February 17, 2013

The Old Autograph Book

Among the many possessions saved of Edward Pflaumer's was this old, quickly disintegrating autograph book.  The oldest autograph written in it dates from November 1889, when Ed was 11.  It was probably his last year of schooling.  The latest autograph dates to 1899.

This touching one was written by his older sister, Katie:
 "March 2, 1891 - Mr Eddie
Remember friend the coming years
May bring their sorrows, joys and tears.
But there's a fairer brighter home
Beyond the portals of the tomb.
Yours with respect, Miss Katie Pflaumer, Hall's Corners, Ind."

Eddie would have been 11 when these verses were written to him.
" January 1890 - To Eddie,
Some people are so very funny
But I never could be so
So I'll just sign my name
Tis the funniest thing I know.
From your schoolmate, Nettie May Betz   Me remember"

"January 3, 1890 - To Eddie
When the golden sun is setting
and your mind from care is free,
when of others you are thinking, 
will you sometimes think of me.  Lizzie Files Beery"

Some pages had additional decorations added, like the one above.  I'm not sure what the lines and dots mean.  Anyone know?

Some of the entries were very spiritually based.
"Spencerville, Ind.  Dec. 30, 1889
I wish you health
I wish you wealth
I wish you gold in store
I wish you Heaven after death
What could I wish you more.
Annie Snyder"

"January 20, 1890 - Eddie
When comes the King in royal might
To crush the wrong and crown the right
When all the saints in glory meet
No more to die, no more to weep
When thrones are set and crowns are given
With all the rich rewards of heaven
Oh! in that heavenly by and by
What's done for God can never die."
Gerta Kinsey
Harlan, Ind."   

The autograph book - an interesting memento of a young man's life. 

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