February 22, 2013

Jacob Pflaumer, Great-Grandfather - Part Two

On August 20, 1872, two land transfers were recorded.  Jacob Pflaumer sold land to Peter Amstutz, according to the Allen County, IN Deed Index.  I have not looked up that deed to know the acreage.  
The document to the left recorded a purchase of 50 acres of land from Caroline C. and Jacob Henney in Section 14 of Springfield Township, Allen County, IN.

The paper is in pristine condition, which is remarkable for its age, and is complete with original stamps.  Jacob paid the goodly price of $2400 or $48 an acre for this land.

 Just before purchasing what would be his home place in Allen County, Jacob and Catherine welcomed their first child, William H.  Three years later, daughter Katherine (Katie) was born, and in 1878, the final child, a son, George Edward joined the family.  

 By the time of the 1880 census, Jacob was 67 years old and was still farming.  Kate, at 36, was surely helping him, as well as raising William - 9, Katie - 6, and young George E.  - 2.  Although we have no 1890 census to consult, other records show that William married in 1893 and Katie in 1895, leaving just young George E. to help at home.

In 1900, Jacob, 87, and Katherine, 56, had been married 30 years and had to be quite dependent on George, who was still at home at 22.  However, he, too, married in 1901 and left the home place.  Young Katie divorced in 1905 and moved back home with her parents.

 Jacob Pflaumer, blind at the end of his life, died on October 14, 1909.  Several different obituaries were printed:

--The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Saturday, October 16, 1909, p. 2
Jacob Pflaumer Expires in Springfield Township
Lacking but a single day of completing his 97th year, Jacob Pflaumer, believed to have been the oldest resident of Springfield Township, died at his home there Thursday night.  The aged man had been in failing health for some time, and death was due to the infirmities of his years.
Mr. Pflaumer was born in Germany October 15, 1812.  He came with his wife to America in 1854, arriving in Stark county, Ohio, May 18, of that year.  In November of that same year Mr. Pflaumer moved to Dekalb county, Ind. and eleven years later to Springfield township, where he spent the remainder of his long life.
Mr. Pflaumer was twice married.  Of the eight children born to the first union, but two are living. These are Henry Pflaumer, of Craig,Mo. and John Pflaumer, of Elkhart county,this state.  Mr. Pflaumer's wife died in 1857.  In 1870 Mr. Pflaumer made a visit to his old home in Germany, and while there was united in marriage to Catherine Hoffman, who survives, with three children - William Pflaumer of Fort Wayne; Catherine Pflaumer of Springfield township, and Edward Pflaumer of Dekalb county.  The deceased was a highly respected citizen and a member of the German Reformed church in Springfield township.
Funeral services Sunday morning at 10 o'clock from the residence and at 11 o'clock from the Scipio church; interment at Scipio cemetery."

(*Jacob may have come ahead to find a home in Dekalb County and filed his first papers for citizenship while here, moving his family later on. It was not uncommon for the husband to go ahead to ready land and a home for his family. The papers exist on file for his naturalization in Dekalb County.  Also, this article stated that the move from Dekalb to Allen County was made in 1865 which is helpful.  In error, the article stated that Jacob and Katherine were married in Germany.  She came as a single woman to the U.S. with the name Hoffman, and their marriage is recorded in Allen County, Indiana records.)

St. Joe News, October 1909
"Mr. Jacob Pflaumer, who lived one mile north of the old Dutch church southeast of here, died on last Thursday, October 14. He was born in Baden, Germany, October 14, 1812.  He had lived to the ripe old age of 97 years, and the last three years of his life were unpleasant, having been entirely blind.  The funeral was held last Sunday at the Scipio church and burial at Scipio cemetery.  Rev. Mohler of Harlan officiating.  Elza Kinsey, funeral director."

Using the church records from Elsenz, which have been made available by the Church of the Latter Day Saints, some genealogists have traced this Pflaumer line back into the beginning of the 1600's.  Such family trees may be found on ancestry.com.  I, personally, have not done that research and will not report it here.

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