September 5, 2012

Joseph, Joseph, and Isaac Doty

We have come just three generations from the Mayflower ancestor, Edward Doty.
The next two generations back (my 5th and 6th great-grandfathers), Joseph and Joseph, both settled in Oyster Bay, New York.  Joseph, the father of Peter and Rebecca and my 5th gg, discussed in the last Doty posts, was born about 1708 and married to Lucretia Delong about 1744.  Since the Doty-Doten book is now online, and I don't have any other information on these generations beyond what is printed in that book, I will direct you HERE to page 505, #6902 to read about Joseph and Lucretia.

Joseph's father was also named Joseph and was married to Sarah Davis.  Born about 1680, my 6th gg also was born and lived in the town of Oyster Bay.  Please go HERE to page 501, #6894 to read more about Joseph and Sarah.

The father of Joseph was Isaac Doty, the seventh child of Edward Doty, Mayflower adventurer of 1620.  When Edward died, Isaac was only 6 years old. Born in Plymouth, Massachusetts around 1648, Isaac eventually was the first of the Dotys to make his way to Oyster Bay where he built a house and settled with his family.  Isaac's story may be read HERE on page 496, #8.

So, now the last Doty step is the story of Edward Doty - NOT a Pilgrim, but a servant to an adventurer!

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