September 9, 2012

Book Review - Whispers in the Wind by Lauraine Snelling


Whispers in the Wind
by Lauraine Snelling
Book 2 of the Wild West Wind series 

 I had not read the first book in the Wild West Wind series, but it was easy to pick up the story of Cassie Lockwood and the Engstrom family.  Cassie had left a now defunct Wild West show with her friends,  Chief, Runs Like a Deer, and Micah to find a ranch she had inherited half interest in when her father died.  Her father and the also now deceased Ivar Engstrom had been best friends when they invested in the Dakota land.  The Engstrom family was certainly surprised to see her and her claim, but they welcomed her into their fold, except for son, Ransom, who was suspicious and unhappy about the situation.

The plot was slow and slower to develop, with no real action until more than half way through the book.  The reader will find many details on how the settlers lived off the land for their survival and helped each other, which were interesting, but did not really advance the story.  Once the plot unfolded, the author moved it along to a dead end because the next book will pick up the story. 

I liked the way the author wove in the theme of trusting in God and his plan for our lives.  Mavis had such an articulate way of comforting Cassie with that promise.  The author showed us especially well how the relationship grew between these two women. 

The book was an easy read with a good, Christian message, but it was definitely a transitional book moving us on to the next in the series.  

**This book was provided to me by Bethany House Publishers for my review.  The opinions are entirely my own.

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