November 20, 2011

Old Photos of Malinta, Ohio

I came across another old envelope of pictures recently and made some nice discoveries.  At one point, I remember my dad telling about a ride he took with someone in a two-seater airplane some time in the early 1940's.  (I wondered if there were several rides, as in the first photo below, the leaves are off the trees,while the other photos show full foliage.) While on his ride or rides, which he did not tolerate all that well, he took along his camera.
Here are some of those photos...maybe someone who knows the burg of Malinta better can recognize some of the landmarks.

This photo shows a church
steeple to help orient us.

Also in the envelope of photos were several photos of the Gleaners, which I think was the elevator of the day.  A little research will tell the story.

From Malinta and Grelton 1980, compiled by Mary E. Geist Mayer, p. 36
"The first grain elevator in Malinta was built in 1886...
Neil Dietrich explained, 'The grain elevator was always an important thing in Malinta as the farmers brought their grain here to sell it.  The unloading was
fascinating to me as a section of the floor was removed exposing a hopper into which the grain fell after the front wheels of the wagon were raised by a wench which was hand operated with chains with large rings that were out on the hubs of the front wheels.  Before the bank opened (in Malinta) about 1907 or 1908, all transactions were in cash...
For many years prior to about 1929 when the elevator was sold, it was owned by the Gleaners and later by a local company...Since the 1950's the Malinta Grain and Feed Company has continued to serve the area."

This photo shows scaffolding on the front of the building.

Could these photos have been taken, then, before 1929?

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