December 17, 2010

This is the Problem

My genealogical boxes
It's hard to take a decent photo in a dark storage room, but I think you'll get the idea.  Since we moved a few years ago, most of my research has stayed in boxes and the elusive family history is yet to be written.  Every year I make it a goal, but not much (no) progress had really been made until a family reunion pushed me to organize my dad's line of the family on my Elling Family News blog. 

So, since that worked once, here's my resolution for 2011: To tell some family stories from my maternal side and to post some family photos on this blog, in the hopes of bringing some chronology/ organization/ meaning to my research.  What good does it do in these boxes?  It's meant to be shared...and there are some good stories to be told.

I'm determined.


  1. Very Cool, Mom....always a project, always!

  2. hi dianne! you won the craft hope book giveaway at a foothill home companion! email me with your address and i'll send you the book right away. congratulations!

  3. Great idea Dianne! Hope to do something like this for myself.