December 17, 2010

Starting Fresh

At the home for the past 2 1/2 years...I've been busy pursuing all the interests that retirement has given me the chance to enjoy. 
I have maintained my blog,, for almost three years now.  It has served as a place to share updates on the Elling family and to post my genealogical findings for the Elling and Spoering families.  But I have so much more genealogy to share on the other surnames, so I've decided to begin this blog  as a warehouse for some of that information...a place where I can begin to piece together my other direct lines, a place to discuss findings as they happen, and really just as an outlet for my musings.
I am always reading several books at a time, and I will continue to post some book reviews.  Right now I am reviewing for three companies, so books from those publishers will definitely be featured, along with others.  My quilting and sewing projects will be posted at times, as well as general family news and my viewpoints on life in general.
Yes, it's a potpourri!

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