March 23, 2020

Ida Anna Katherine Spoering - "Grandma Elling"

Ida Anna Katherine Spoering Elling
Ida Anna Katharine Spoering was born on February 5, 1890 in Monroe Township, Henry County, Ohio, to Herman Heinrich and Katherine (Floke) Spoering.    She married Albert Louis Johann Elling at the Spoering home near Deshler on March 13, 1913.  English was her second language, and it was told by the family that she learned English by reading the Toledo Blade. She spoke Low German (Plattdeutsch), but she helped her children learn formal German so they could do well in German school.

Albert and Ida Elling on their wedding day

 By June of 1914, the first of her nine children was born - Paul Herman.  Of the nine children, two died as infants.  Arthur, who was born in October, 1916, died of pneumonia when he was eight months old.  Later, the ninth child, a daughter, would be stillborn in September, 1932. She was a housewife all her life, caring for her big family, even as they moved from place to place in Henry County.

Her love for her children was shown in a letter I have from her that was saved by my parents, Rudolph and Donna Elling, and received when they lived in Toledo, Ohio.  The letter is postmarked Napoleon, May 21, 1945, and from the content, it must have been sent right before Eleonore's high school graduation and Alfred's release from the Army following World War II.  

I have transcribed it as written -
"Dear children
It is 12 oclock Sunday night and Alma and Allyn just left.  we had a little party here tonight but they didn't come all.  we thought about it Saterday morning and so it was to late to let you know so we just let the sponsors know, but non of them came, only Loudons, Ted Lange, Alma Allyn were here.  Paul Hildagard were up to her folks  they have baptising over there.  Arthur Bolkman Baby was Baptised this afternon and Hildagard was one of the sponsors.  it was sure nice here tonight in the chool house.  I wish you could benn here.  hope that you can come wednesday night for granation.  it starts 8:15 slow time.

what was you dooing today  did you see Alfred  they went back in the Brisa(?) again at 4.10  Alfred feels pretty sure that he gets out now.  Fryday or else nex week some time.  boy are we glad and i bet you arn't you

Eldor and Maria Loudon Plassman came home today for a week or so.

well doun't work to hard and hope to see you soon.  I am tiyed and ready to go to sleep and so write when ever you can and will close now.

your dearest Mother

Come whenever you can

Eleonora sure would like to have you come for her grnation.  try your best.  good night." 

Ida died on August 31, 1951, at the age of 60 from stomach cancer. She had raised all her children to adulthood when she was called to rest.

Ida was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Napoleon. 

Grandma Elling

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