April 14, 2019

Back Even Further - Hans Joachim Elling, Still in Tietlingen

Oh, yes, by now I am telling you about my fifth great grandfather - Hans Joachim Elling!
According to German sources, Joachim is pronounced Yo-a-k'm with the stress on the first and third syllables.

Hans Joachim Elling was born in Tietlingen, Dushorn Parish, on June 24, 1763, and was baptized on June 27th. I have that record, but as you can imagine, the older the record, the poorer the copy, so I did not post. It was a good record; and in that it named Hans Joachim's parents, Hans Friedrich Elling and Anna Maria Helmke (Helmken), taking us another generation back!

Hans Joachim married Anna Engel Fedderke (Fedderken), who was also born in Tietlingen on October 1, 1764, and baptized on October 4, 1764. She was the daughter of Johann Casten and Ilse Marie Fedderke of Bockhorn, part of Dushorn parish. The marriage took place on February 20, 1789. Hans Joachim was described as a haeusling, or tenant, at Tietlingen.

The researcher could find eight children in the church records:
Stillborn boy in 1790
Ilse Marie, born Aug. 1, 1791
Johann Freidrich, born April 4, 1792 (our ancestor)
Johann Heinrich, born March 4, 1797
Anna Engel, born Feb. 11, 1800
Ilse Marie, born April 26, 1802
Casper Heinrich, born June 10, 1805
Hans Joachim, born May 22, 1808

These records told us that the first Ilse Marie probably died before 1802, and another child was given her name. This was a common practice. Some gaps in the years between children might mean that there were miscarriages or babies died and the death missed or not recorded.

The death record of Hans Joachim could not be found, but his wife died at age 55 on August 11, 1819. Her husband was listed on the death record as a pensioner, so he was still alive at the time of his wife's death.

For more information on what was going on in Germany during the life of Hans Joachim Elling, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/18th_century_history_of_Germany and http://www.historyworld.net/wrldhis/PlainTextHistories.asp?groupid=2803&HistoryID=ac62
He lived through some turbulent times in Prussia.

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