February 3, 2017

Left at the Altar

(This post appeared originally on my previous blog, A Face to the Sun, on July 12, 2013.)


Anna Spoering (Helmke)
sister to Ida, my grandmother.

Recently, I've been browsing newspapers on a newspaper archive site, and I've come across a few additions to the family history which I'll be adding along the way.

 This article, I'm sure, has a story behind it!  It was discovered in the Van Wert Daily Bulletin, December 16, 1920 under a column labeled, "Nearby Towns" that had news from all over northwest Ohio.

Maybe someone knows some details?

 "A breach of promise suit for $8,000 was filed in Common Pleas Court at Napoleon by Anna Spoering against Theodore Drewes.  The plaintiff asserts that Drewes promised to marry her in the last week of September, that she was willing and ready to enter into a marriage contract with him, that the wedding day had been decided upon and all necessary preparations made by the plaintiff."

That was quite a sum of money in 1920.  I wonder if the suit was settled or if it went before a judge.  More investigation needed...

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