December 3, 2014

The Children at Six Corners School, Hicksville Township

Awhile back, I wrote of the scrapbook of Emily Anna Meek, the grandmother of my husband, who collected and saved Lion Coffee cards, pictures she liked, her Rewards of Merit from school and other miscellaneous items.  Emily attended the one room Six Corners School in Hicksville Township, Defiance County, Ohio, located at the intersections of Buckskin Road, Cicero Road, and State Route 2 which created six corners.

In fact, Emily was both a student and later, a teacher, at the Six Corners School.  As a student, she collected remembrance cards from her contemporaries and pasted them into her scrapbook.  From these, we can determine who lived in her neighborhood and most likely attended that school.

Female students with cards included:
Clarie B. Kleckner
Lizzie Dickerhoof
Edna Grier
Amanda F. Forlow
Ellena B. Grier
Olive Geahant
Cora Ames
Della Hilbert
Sarah A. Gilbert
Rosie Thornburg
Cora B. Forlow
Eunice Jordan
Libbie L. Johnson
Carrie B. Jordan
Nora Doster
Minnie A. Forlow
Cecelia R. Hilbert

Male students with cards included:
Joseph Beltz
Louie Place
Milo Callender
Hiram Meek
William O. Meek
David Meek
Charles W. Ginter
Josh W. Balser
Rolla Callender
Willie Lipman
Charley Ginter
Frank Callender
Aaron Dickerhoof
Geo. W. Place
James. M. Place
Samuel A. Thompson
John Meek
George W. Batchelor
Sherman T. Meek

 I'm not sure on the gender of these:
Clarie B. Kleckner
C. A. Forlow
R. Hoffman
M. Sensenbacher
C. F. Elliott
C. Sensenbacher

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