June 17, 2014

Christopher Hollabaugh (Sr.) - Great-Grandfather x 4

When researching the Hollabaugh line, one has to be creative in spelling -  Hollabaugh, Hollebaugh, Hollebach, Hollibaugh, Hollobaugh, Holabagh, and so on!  This Christopher Hollabaugh, the gggg-grandfather for us, was found under all those spellings, I believe.

His birthdate is estimated at 1750 by some, but I haven't found that information anywhere as yet.  He appeared in the 1790 census and on until his last one in 1810, as he died in 1812.
In 1786, his name was found on the Pennsylvania Tax and Exoneration list for Mt. Pleasant Township,then in York County, PA.  He was assessed a tax of 17 shillings and 6 pence for his acreage, two cows, and two ? (unreadable).  

In the U.S. Direct Tax Lists of 1798 of York County, PA, his tax was assessed on one "out house" with one story, two windows, and twelve lights. (I'm not sure what the "lights" were.)  The outhouse referred to an additional building, other than the main dwelling house, and it was made of logs and measured 20 feet x 16 feet.  He was assessed for two acres and the adjoining property owner was John Norpike.  This tax was assessed by the federal government to help in America's military buildup, and amazingly many of the tax records survived.

In 1800, both Christopher Jr. and Sr. appeared on a tax list for Mt. Pleasant Township. The tax was assessed at 22.8 cents per $100. Christopher Jr., a weaver, was assessed at $212, while his father was assessed at $759.

On November 1, 1800, Christopher Sr. deeded over to his son, Philip, several houses and implements to help with farming, all for the sum of $1.00.
 The behest was made "in consideration of the natural love and affection which I bear unto my son, Philip Hollobough, and for his betterment in Life and the increase of his portion."  Philip was given two houses and barns(?), one plough and tackling (probably for the horses), one log chain, one iron harrow, and one waggon.

As usual, the best information on the family came from Christopher Sr.'s will in which he names all of his living and deceased children.  Written and signed on September 21, 1807 and filed in Adams County, Pennsylvania, the will read:

"I Christopher Hollibaugh of Mount pleasant township in the county of Adams and state of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind memory and understanding, considering the uncertainty of this life, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit
Principally ad first of all I commend my soul into the hands of God and my body to be buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my Executors herein mentioned and as to such worldly estate give and dispose of the same in the following manner to wit:
I give unto my loving wife Cathrena Hollobaugh the Bead and Bedstead that she usually sleeps in and a cow for use during her life and the same Bead and cow is to be sold by my said executor and I do order my executor to pay all my just debts and Funeral expenses and further I do give all the rest of my estate unto my executor of whatever kind it may be to be sold by him and the money arising to be aplied to paying my debts and the remainder to be applied at the discretion of my executor in suport of my wife if he thinks necessary, and the balance then remaining after her dec'd to be equally divided among my children and grandchildren to wit:

First, unto my daughter Mary, intermarried with Michael Gimber, then unto my son Christopher Hollobaugh, then unto my son, Martin Hollobaugh, then unto my daughter Susanna, intermarried with Henry Little, then unto the two children of my dec'd son William Hollobaugh, the unto the children of my dec'd daughter Cathrena which was intermarried with Jacob Enk, so that my son William's two children will get together one equal share, as also my said daughter dec'd, her two children is also to have one equal share with the rest of my children named above.  Philip only excepted for he hath already rec'd his shares out of the plantations, the aboves are to receive their money i rotation as they are named herein and lastly, I do nominate and appoint my friend, John Slagle, to be my executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other wills or Legacies heretofore by me made.  
In testimony, I Christopher Hollobaugh do sign seal and publish this instrument of writing to be my last will and testament as witness my hand and seal the twenty first day of September one thousand eight hundred.    Christopher Hollobaugh."

The will was presented in court in Gettysburg, PA on September 30, 1812, so his death date was before that time in 1812.  All farms, at the time, were termed "plantations."

Although the will has some convoluted sentence structure, the gist is that Christopher Sr. took care of his wife, Cathrena, giving her not only the bed and bedstead and a cow, but really everything, at the control of the executor, until she, too, died.  Then we know that Philip was given for $1.00 enough to get him started on his own back in 1800.  Undoubtedly, the other children received something, but not as much as Philip, so the estate would be divided among them.
Christopher's sons, then, were Christopher (Jr.)*, Martin, William (deceased) and Philip.
His daughters were Mary Gimber (Michael), Susannah Little (Henry), Cathrena, deceased (Jacob).

I have not been able to find his place of burial, but a good guess might be the cemetery at Littlestown where Christopher Jr. was buried.  

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