April 8, 2014

Harriet, Daughter of Moses and Chloe Camp

The children of Moses and Chloe Camp were:
Harriet - (1817 - 1891)
Sophia - (1817 - 1898)
   Caroline - (1820 - 1889) 

Harriet Camp was the unmarried sister of great-great grandmother, Sophia Camp Case.  One obituary gave her birthdate as December 26, 1817 which would be in conflict with Sophia's age, also obtained in an obituary.  One may be incorrect.  A document concerning Harriet was what really led me on the Camp family research path.  Among the things belonging to Emillus Case, her nephew and Sophia's son, in Indiana, was the document below regarding the estate of Harriet. 

With its many names and locations, it was extremely helpful in making connections and locating the relatives of Harriet, which would also have been the family of great-great grandmother, Sophia.  In this way, nieces and nephews were discovered, and at this point, there is only Minnie Tobias that I have not been connected into the family.

Harriet Camp lived almost all of her life on the family homestead with her brother, Platt.  Later, she moved into a house her brother had built in Waterville.  It seemed that various nieces and nephews stayed temporarily with her, according to their needs and hers. From her will, we know that her niece, Ellen Buckley, was staying with her in her last days.

On April 25, 1891, Harriet wrote her will, naming Francis F. Gorton as her Executor.  Dr. Francis Gorton "was a successful physician and an ornament to his community", according to his obituary.  Her will was found among the New York Probate Records, Oneida County Wills 1890-1894, on www.familysearch.org.  (Image 187, pp. 282+)

"In the name of God, Amen.
Know all that I, Harriet Camp, of the village of Waterville, Oneida County and State of New York of the age of seventy three years, and being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make, publish, and declare this my last will and testament in the words and language following, that is:

First, I truly desire and direct the payment of all my just debts and liabilities and the payment of all my funeral and testamentary expenses. 

Second, I hereby give and devise and bequeath until my dear niece, Ellen R. Buckley, now of my residence, the sum of fifteen hundred dollars, the sum to go to her at my decease, her heirs and assigns forever, and in case there should be a deficiency of personal assets out of which to pay her the said legacy of fifteen hundred dollars, then in that case, I hereby expressly charge all of the real estate of which I may (be seized?) with the full payment thereof and make the full payment thereof a first lien and charge upon such real estate.

Third, I hereby give, devise and bequeath upon my dear niece, Alida Burhyte of North Brookfield, Madison County, New York,the sum of one hundred dollars, the sum to go to her, her heirs and assigns forever at my decease, and if necessary to secure the payment thereof to her, I hereby make the payment thereof of a lien and charge upon said estate, but to be secondary to the lien thereon of the legacy to the said Ellen R. Buckley above mentioned.

Fourth, I hereby give, devise and bequeath all of the rest and residue and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, equally share and share alike between my dear nieces - Emma E. Beebe of Brookfield, Madison County, New York; Hattie A. Washburn, Madison County, aforesaid; and Sarah E. Cook of Sangerfield, Oneida County, New York, the same to go to them equally share and share alike at my decease, their heirs and assigns forever.

Fifth, I hereby constitute and appoint my friend, F. T. Gorton, M. D., of Waterville, aforesaid, sole Executor of this, my last will and testament, to sell and convey any and all real estate of which I may be seized and out of the avails, pay the first two legacies herein mentioned, in the order mentioned, and divide the remainder equally, share and share alike, among the residuary legaties mentioned and execute all necessary  papers and conveyances for that purpose and thereby further authorize and empower him to settle, comfound, and compromise any and all claims that be in favor or that may be presented against my said estate, doing all that may be necessary and with a view to the best interest of those concerned and hereby revoking all former wills by me made."

The will was signed April 25, 1891; Harriet died on September 29th of that same year.  Her obituaries  give us some insight into her life and condition.

Utica Weekly Herald , Tuesday, September 29, 1891
"Miss Harriet Camp, who has been sick for some time, died at her home on Putnam avenue, Sunday night.  She was 74 years old.  The funeral will occur at the house at two o'clock today. Rev. L. J. Silcox will officiate."

Waterville Times, September 31, 1891
"On Wednesday afternoon, at her late residence, No. 12 Putnam avenue, were held the funeral services of Harriet Camp, the Rev. L. J. Silcox officiating.  She was born December 26, 1817, of a family of eight children, of which but one, Mrs. Sarah Worden of North Brookfield survive.  Miss Camp came to Waterville in 1874.  The house in which she died was built by her brother, Platt, as a house for himself and sister.  February 5, 1891, Miss Camp fell and dislocated her hip.  She was not out of the house again.  By her close confinement, chronic ailments were aggravated that resulted in her death." 

Is this Harriet Camp?  In 1865, she would have been about 48.

In other documents related to the will, the final disbursement indicated the following:
Ellen R. Buckley received 1341.15. 
Ella Beebe - $590.82
Hattie Washburn - 578.66
Sarah E. Cook - 568.57

Alida's hundred dollars is not mentioned, nor are the other heirs named on the earlier delivered notice regarding the estate.


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