September 11, 2013

Lydia - Child of Caleb and Sophia Camp Case

Although in Mary Lucetta Case's obituary, it mentioned that she was one of ten children, I have only been able to identify nine.  Perhaps a child died in childbirth, in infancy or as a small child, but I haven't found a record of that as yet.  We can surmise, from census records, that all of the children were born in New York, except Mary Lucetta and her younger sister, Martha, who were born in Indiana.  

I wish I had photos of these siblings to share, but with so many photos unidentified in the boxes, it would only be a guess if I were to post them.  Maybe a reader will come forth with photos; it's happened many times!

The Children of Caleb and Sophia Camp Case

Lydia - 1830 - 1893
Maynard - c. 1832 - 1867
Isum W. - c. 1834 - 1861
Dexter Rival - 1835 - 1912
Emillus - 1837 - 1924
Mahlon - 1840 - 1861
Harriet - 1842 - 1861
Martha - c. 1853 - 1933


Lydia Case was born on January 26, 1830 in upstate New York (birthdate calculated from tombstone).  President Andrew Jackson was in charge of the country, the Oregon trail would soon open for pioneers west, and the government was busily trying to move the Indians westward, too.  
So little is known of the life of Lydia, as she stayed at home with her parents, and later her mother and brother, throughout her life, never marrying.
Tragically, about five years after her mother died in 1888, Lydia suffered a tragic accident at home when she was about 62.

The Courier, Auburn, Dekalb County, Indiana:

August 3, 1893, p. 3:
"Concord - Miss Case, who was so severely burned a few days ago by her clothes igniting, is lying in critical condition."

August 17, 1893, p. 8
"Miss Lydia Case's funeral was held in the Lutheran church Saturday afternoon, Rev. Thomas officiating, and the remains were interred in the Spencerville Cemetery.  It will be remembered that Miss Case was so frightfully burned a few weeks ago."

One other small account (with an incorrect date) may be found in the History of Spencerville by Willis Carey, 1952, p. 74: 
"Miss Lydia Case in 1892 burned and died from blood poisoning due to burns."
She is buried at the White City Cemetery, Spencerville, IN.

Lydia Case, Dau. of C & S. Case, Died Aug. 11, 1893, 62y 7m 15d


  1. I stumbled upon your blog yesterday afternoon, and it has been so interesting to read your genealogical postings. My great-great-grandmother was Mary Case's younger sister, Martha Rosetta Case who married W.H. Dilley. Her daughter Blanche was my grandmother's mother. I have been trying to trace the Case and Camp family back to New York, but have met with very little luck.

  2. Laura, so good to hear from you! More of the Case family is coming soon. Please email me -