May 14, 2012

Book Review - Chasing the Sun

The War Between the States has cost Hannah Dandridge  a mother, a brother,  her comfortable home in Vicksburg and now her father is missing.  He had moved Hannah and her two young siblings to a desolate ranch in Texas for a new start after the death of his second wife.  Herbert Lockhart, supposedly her father’s former partner, has designs not only on Hannah, but also on her ranch.  He is not to be dissuaded and will go to any lengths to get what he wants.
Enter William Barnett, a wounded Union soldier, coming home to his family home…Hannah’s ranch.  The Confederacy had given it to Hannah’s father for his service, so who now is the rightful owner?  Hannah or William?
The plot revolves around the conflict over the ownership of the ranch, Lockhart’s slimey tactics to obtain Hannah and her land, and William and Hannah’s growing love and trust in one another.  The characters give us few surprises, except for Hannah, who shows her courage in the frontier in various ways.
Lockhart is a true villain with few redeeming qualities, and William is an exceptionally polite,handsome ex-soldier.
I always enjoy a Tracie Peterson book, and this one is the first in the new Land of the Lone Star Series.  This is a good relaxing read which is a little heavy on Christian teaching,  sometimes when it does not really fit into the flow of the story.  However, if you liked Peterson’s other novels, you are sure to enjoy this one.

(Bethany House Publishers provided a copy of this book for my review.  This, in no way, influenced my review.)

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