April 12, 2012

Random Thoughts...

I have not abandoned the blog because I am lounging, watching "The View," and eating the leftover (??) Easter candy.  (Leftover Easter candy is just a myth anyway.)

You see, a long time ago, I volunteered to enter data for the Hayes Ohio Obituary Index.   I just finished the 1885 Defiance Democrat today, but first I had to proofread someone else’s work, and that took forever.  This is a lifelong project.

Then, I volunteered to help remove five acres of wallpaper from my daughter and son-in-law’s house, not remembering what a stinker of a task that was. 

Then the other night, very late, I volunteered to help index the 1940 census for FamilySearch.org/ Ancestry.  I actually am enjoying it.  Only because I know at least one other person checks my work and then, if there is a discrepancy between us, an arbitrator makes the final call. Takes off the pressure.

And Hilton, stop calling here.  I have cancelled the vacation with you…a month ago.  Deal with it.  I do not want to speak to your rep.  In fact, we have another vaca planned with another company, so stop with the calls.

I want to plant things, but it has frosted again here, and so I must wait.  I’ve already been walking through the garden centers.  It can’t be helped. 

Oh, yes, and in a fit of late night decision-making, I signed up to review three books for various publishers.  They are arriving in the mail now and they carry with them…deadlines.  Ugh.

But the biggest hindrance to continuing my blogging is that I had to clear off the dining room table so we could eat our Easter dinner.  Hence, I had to gather all the miscellaneous piles of Doty notes/charts/photos and stuff them in a box which I carried upstairs.  Now, to continue, the blog, I will have to retrieve the box, resort the contents and reorganize my brain. 

I need some motivation.  Maybe a comment or two somewhere would help me climb those stairs…

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