July 18, 2011

Five Brothers/ Three Stories

Harrison and Philina Ordway had five sons and three daughters.

One son, Richard Johnson Ordway, settled in Henry County, Ohio, married there, had children there, among them, my great-grandfather, Lemuel, and died there.

One son, Alonzo A., twin to sister Malissa, died as an infant.

One son, Middleton Smith, was a successful farmer in Jackson County, Michigan, but sadly a tragic accident took his life.

Two sons volunteered to serve the Union Army in the Civil War – one from Ohio and one from Michigan – witnessing some of the bloodiest battles of the war.  Thomas C. represented the 124th Ohio and Benjamin F. joined the 5th Michigan.

I’ve already told you about Alonzo and Richard, so the next three posts will be dedicated to the other brothers: Middleton, Thomas and Benjamin.

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